Jul 28, 2009

Celebrate with us!

Becoming a member of your professions professional organizations are something that is very important. So it is our honor to announce that our head photographer has been accepted into Wedding & Portrait Photographers International. (WPPI) WPPI is a very prestigious organization that all of greatest photographers around the world are a part of, and we are deeply honored to be part of their family! Mention your celebrating with us when you book your next appointment for a free 5x7!

How do you know your images are loved?

Why when your client has them tattooed on them of course! Okay, so perhaps the inking had more to do with WHAT the picture was of. In this case little Kendall's hand, but still its an honor either way! The image attached is a snapshot my client Mike took of his new tattoo, an image of his little girls hand we shot when she was only a few weeks old. It's a great tat & a wonderful family!


Sarah Grace

Sometimes a baby is born that is just a bit more precious than the ever so precious ones that we get to photograph because we know the family on a personal level. Sarah Grace is one of those angels. Born to Donnie and Staci, Sarah Grace is the granddaughter to our dear friend Sandy, the owner of Fun Fetal Photos. It has been our honor to photograph Staci's maternity images and now Sarah Grace. She is a wonder & we are so very in love with her. Both mom and dad are wonderful examples of great parents, expectantly entranced with her, and grandma is of course hopelessly proud. Welcome to the world Sarah Grace, you are so loved.

Keesha Hervey


This post is a little late since the Beck's just welcomed their new son into the world this morning, but I still had to share. They are a wonderful family with an adorable daughter that got mom laughing in no time. I'm thinking of hiring the little princess! LOL Mom is one of the sweetest women I have ever met and well dad.. aside from being a great guy he is totally and utterly in love with the two ladies in life. I know that the images of this family with their new little guy will be just as precious!

Babies, Babies Everywhere!

Has it been a full moon!?!? We have babies coming into the world for so many of our clients! We can not express how happy we are for our families. Amber and Daniel delivered a 10 pound baby boy last week and our darling friends the Becks, Mike and Melanie had a precious little boy as well! Count on pictures of both little guys soon! Both these ladies had long labors.. I have just one thing to say to both wonderful daddys... jewelry.. lots of it. LOL CONGRATS!!!!!

New Website!

Our brand new flash website is finally up and running!! Please visit it and let us know what you think!

Best Wishes,

Jul 26, 2009

Web Home Headaches

Ahh technology. We love it, truly we do. However sometimes it makes us want to seriously bang our heads against the wall. We are launching our new website, complete with awesome flash slideshows. However we are having some issues. Please hang in there and contact us at 580-583-2492 with any questions during our site being temporarily off line. Thank you!

Jul 7, 2009

Laura & Ron

Laura & Ron are very dear clients to us. They are a fellow military family and we photographed their maternity images on the beach. Laura was one of those mommy's that those of us with buckets of stretch marks look at wistfully. She didn't have a mark on her, and only a week after her little guy was born she looked wonderful.

Unfortunately Ron had to join a training session in North Carolina the morning before our photography session and their little guy did not like daddy being gone at all. It would appear from the very start their son was going to be a daddy's boy. Despite every trick in the book that me, mom, and yes even grandma could come up with he wasn't very happy for very long. It's a good thing we know how to work fast & had a great helper in both mom and grandma.

The image you see above is Laura, helping us get that perfect shot. Which I should mention we did. You can see one of them above.

Although every shoot is different & every baby unique its wonderful to know that even with a little guy who is so adorable, but misses daddy so we can still get great images. Thanks so much Laura! I know you and Ron will treasure the images for years to come!


Summer is here!

Summer is here and we are very busy photographers! In the past few weeks we have gotten to meet so many new clients, photographing many expectant moms and had the very precious honor of taking the first pictures for many a little newborn! See more information on all of them very soon!

We have also had the great luck to have some very very helpful parents along with way. One of our mommy's Laura was down in the photographic trenches with us to capture that perfect picture of her baby, and I would have been lost without SSG Beck to help out at his families maternity shoot. He got mom laughing so much she totally forgot about the camera!

Every day I get to wake up and do the job I love the most with amazing clients! Thank you all, and expect more news soon!