Jul 16, 2011

We're just a traveling!

Okay, there really is no bigger honor for a photographer than when a client arranges for their travel to photograph their family. Because, lets face it there are great photographers everywhere. So when a client says "No.. it really must be you." your heart just fills. In the past few months I've had one client drive from Ohio, and then this month one who arranged for me to be in Florida to meet their new baby daughter.

The Reeders moved to Florida last year, but prior to that I was blessed to photograph Kate during her pregnancy and then their precious twins. Now to get to meet their newest daughter Rachel in their new home, was a huge honor. She was a doll the whole time and it was so amazing to see the Reeder family again.

Shortly before I left for Florida a good friend of mine called me from Virginia. "You have to come back! I need senior pictures!" When later that week a good client called saying very much the same thing I knew I just had to come back. I miss everyone so much & I'm missing those ocean waves! When our old friends and landlords told us the studio was ours to use we couldn't help it! We knew it was time for a return visit! So we will be in Newport News from the 4th to the 13th booking full sessions, studio, beach, and outdoors!

We'll be breaking out the old appointment book and giving our clients a call but if you really want a session send us an email at information@realmomentsphotography.com. We're going to be doing some very cool pricing options and I know you won't want to miss it! I can't wait to see you all!!