Sep 13, 2010

Worth Publishing Again

This is something we like to repost a few times a year, especially after we meet a client who has been taken advantage of by a wanna be photographer. Even if you don't choose to use our company PLEASE take the time to use a true professional. We know these days it's VERY hard to tell the difference. We hope this article helps. You can also email us even if you arn't one of our clients and ask us to look over the website of someone your considering. We will be happy to tell HONESTLY what we think, no charge, no strings! Best Wishes!

K. Hervey
Head Photographer
Real Moments Photography

P.S. One word on the big box stores like Sears or Glamour Shots. They DO NOT hire pros usually and are out to get the most money they can from you. Many a client has come to me after spending a few hundred dollars at one of those places and been shocked to realize they could have gotten much more, and much better quality from me for exactly the same price. Something to consider before you subject yourself to those places!

Why Hire A Professional Photographer?

I have had many a client ask me in all honesty “I love your work! It’s so touching and wonderful! If I buy a camera like yours can I get images kinda like this?” Of course they mean this completely out of curiosity and don’t really realize how completely it doesn’t make sense and borders a bit on rudeness.

This is because the digital age has allowed so many people to step into photography and capture much better pictures than they ever would have with a film camera? Why? Well the main reason is the cameras, even point and shoots ARE great. They help the person operating it with great things like facial recognition, awesome focus abilities and color that grabs the eye. They also allow people to see right away if their little ones eyes were open, or if the shot was blurry. Simply hit delete and try again. So unlike the years of film where they would anxiously drop your film off, and later find out that they only had 4 good shots out of 24. The ease of deleting those bad shots and better cameras over all have allowed the public to get much better images.

So why hire a pro? If a digital camera can get you good images why bother with a professional photographer? For the same reason that a person can go buy a paints and brushes but that doesn’t mean they’ve become Picasso. For the same reason you can go buy great scissors but you sure as heck wouldn't let your uncle Fred cut your hair.

Photography is an art, and every professional photographer is different. They have a unique style that makes their work stand out against another photographers. Two photographers may be good friends and shoot the same event, but their images will be completely different.

True professional photographers have years of training and experience in posing, lighting, gear handing, and especially now with digital photography, professional editing. Professional editing and good posing is by far the difference between a real pro and an amateur or hobbyist. Remember that when your hiring a photographer your hiring an artist who paints with digital medium.

So what about those chain stores, they aren’t artists. Your very right! The person taking your picture at a chain store ISN’T a professional photographer. In fact most have no training except they store may offer which is usually a tad bit of on the job training and a posing book. Does that mean they can’t give you a “nice” picture?

Nope, but think of it like a paint by number. Just about anyone can handle a paint by number painting. That doesn’t mean it’s not fun, but it tends to look just like your sisters who did the same one last year doesn’t it? Not much room for creativity, and not something you would pay big money for at a gallery.

Another quick note about these chain stores. Many times their employees either get paid horribly or by commission. Thus they really are focused on the sale, not the art of the shot. So they find good ways to get you to buy these things. Many people come in for the $19.99 package and then simply can’t not buy the rest. Why? The images are of your family, something you already love. Its not hard to push you, and they are sneaky about it.

In the end you’ll pay pretty much the same as you would for a real professional but have less than professional images. Don’t settle for drive through photography when you can get a full stake dinner for the same price! Oh and the pictures on the wall at those stores. The people working their didn’t take those. Real professionals, using models at their corporate offices did. I told you they were sneaky!

In reality most of these places don’t even allow their employees to take the camera off the tripod and never let them move a light. Go ahead ask them to move a light, or better yet switch out a lens. Just be prepared with the smelling salts.

Professional photographers do not have you pay for your images up front. You wouldn’t buy a car unless you’d seen it. Personally I don’t even like to buy shoes on the net because I want to make sure they fit since returning them is a hassle.

Which is why it really shocks me that people will pay someone posing as a “professional” a few hundred dollars with the promise of a “disk” without ever seeing the images.

Now most professionals do charge a sitting fee or some type. You’ll see why later when you read all that sitting fee actually covers, but rarely do true professionals ask you to pay for something before you’ve seen the finished product. Why? Honestly it’s pure business sense.

We know your going to love the images when you see them, so we don’t worry about collecting the entire amount or any package before. (There are some exceptions on special promos and such) In fact we know your going to love them so much you’ll probably want to wallpaper your house with them. An amateur posing as a professional wants that money up front, counting on you saying “Well I already paid for them, I better make due.”

A quick note on this part. Professional photographers feed their families off of their work, and invest the money made back in their business. You can tell a wanna be a mile away because they say things like "Oh it's $60 and then I'll give you a disk of your pictures too." If you were looking at a $60 car you'd be hesitant if it's really gonna last. Same here. You get what you pay for. A real bargain usually is just a real scam.

Many many many people have bought digital cameras and think this is a way to get rich quick. Its' VERY bad in military towns becasue we move around so much a photography is toted as an easy to move career. Every third wife swears to be a photographer. Some, like myself, really are. Most not so much.

So you might just be thinking well now hold on here!

Hasn't digital made photography less expensive for photographers? Honestly it’s been a trade off. Photographers have been able to largely get rid of the film costs and the costs of processing. However, the technology surrounding digital photography is always changing making a yearly update of gear an important part of business. A camera that used to last half a decade easy, maybe even a whole now is crap at the bottom of the technology death pool in two years.

Not to mention the computers, and image processing software that we update on an almost monthly basis. Because digital has seen many GWC’s (guys/girls with cameras, aka people posing as real photographers) true pros now have to spend more money on advertising to show potential clients the quality of their work.

Many hours are spent showing clients that while they might have to pay a little more for a professional photographer the cost is worth it when you see the quality of the images. There are also the costs that have always been there, the usual costs of doing business, gas, paying an assistant, memory cards, flash bulbs that sort of things. Yearly all those costs add up, but most photographers know that these costs are just a part of doing the business we love and are honored to do.

So what does a professional photographer really do? This is a really important question, because digital photography has changed what photographers do. With film photographers used to shoot and many simply dropped their film off at labs to be developed and retouched. Now photographers take the place of labs.

First the photographer is available to their clients to talk about their shoot, many like myself are on call 24-7. Don’t think you’ll need your photographer at 4 a.m.? Try again. Many a bride has called their photographer in the middle of night panicked about one thing or another. “The navy flowers didn’t come in so now we have to go with purple ones. Can you make sure they look dark purple and not violet in the pictures?” Well the answer is of course, and the bride can rest easy.

Newborn and maternity photographers like myself are also very skilled in working with babies and expecting mothers. Posing a mother or keeping a baby calm and sleepy not only takes talent but a great deal of time. We also do a great deal of time swapping as often a baby can bring unexpected challenges that cause mom and dad to have to move a shoot. A average newborn shoot runs several hours and requires buckets of specialized props, ones you see and ones we use behind the scenes.

Maternity photography which is starting to grow takes a great deal of professional posing. It's very easy to make even the cutest mom look fat if your a GWC and don't pose her professionally. I've had many a mom crying in my studio after a GWC messed up her maternity images and now she feels crappy about her body, which in reality is gorgeous. I spend time every single day looking at new and refining old posing techniques to work with expecting mothers and babies.

So first is the huge level of the customer service we offer to the client and our training and research.
Photographers then actually do the shoot, which can take anywhere from just a few hours to several hours, and that’s just the start of the work.

Photographers then spend hours upon hours editing your images so you and your family look their very best. Hours are spent touching up skin and hair, removing stray objects out of images, applying filters and special editing techniques ect ect ect… as well as creating pieces of artwork for the client to review.

A quick note on editing: Professional editing is NOT easy. Because many people own basic editing software they are lead to be believe that editing is easy, and let me assure you in this day and age a professional edit is the difference between being happy with the image given to you and being overjoyed.

As easy example is a black and white portrait. Many people mistaking believe a photographer just presses “change to black and white”. This however isn’t the case. A pro can spend a great deal of time moving and adjusting the many levels within an image to make a image a timeless portrait, not just a generic black and white. A single image can take upwards of a half hour, and that’s just to move it from color to black and white.

It is not at all uncommon for a photographer to spend over two hours on each edited image. A friend of mine who does very detailed photographic artwork often spends an entire day or more on a single edit. Although sometimes speed comes with doing it over and over many times you simply can’t rush the artistic touch your client deserves, so we don’t. That is what makes a professional a professional.

Up until this next point everything you’ve read is all covered by your sitting fee, or in my case I call it a creative fee. Now you see why the photographer asks for that money, we work hard for it!

The photographer then presents their hard work to the client to look over and for many photographers there is some nail biting. After all the one thing a great photographer wants more than anything is for the client to love their work.

Nothing makes a photographer happier than bringing a client to happy tears at the presentation of their images. People think photographers are in it for the money. As a shooter for 10 years let me assure you don’t get rich as a photographer, it simply costs too much to be a good one. The riches come in the clients loving their images, and knowing you gave them that joy to keep forever.

Then the photographer finishes up the final products. For clients who want digital images, the copyright releases are typed up, then explained how to use them, the images given another once over, the disks burned, and the clients presented with their digital images.

Many times if the client isn’t tech savvy the photographer will help the client load them on their computer. I get this often with grandparents of my newborns. I’ve talked many a nanna through uploading images to email to her friends.

For prints the photographer does a final check over, contacts their lab via phone or email, orders the prints, insures the lab received the order, checks the order when it arrives, reorder the images if they are not up to the photographers standards (hey we have good labs but everyone messes up sometimes) and finally presents the images to the client.

This is a good time to mention another reason why to use a professional. Professional photographers use professional labs for their prints and books. Not snapfish or the local mega mart. Why? Professional papers and inks are the best. They don’t bleed or fade. They last forever if taken care even remotely properly, and our labs stand behind their work.

In other words if something goes wrong with a print they don’t shrug and say oh well. My canvas company is so amazing that a year after I purchased a canvas for my studio the front of it chipped, just a tiny bit on one corner, when I called to ask how to repair it they were horrified it had happened and sent me another one. For free, no questions asked. (By the way in all my years of shooting I’ve never see a canvas of mine chip before nor since.)

Last and perhaps the most time consuming and a complete labor of love is when a client orders an album or personalized book. The photographer may spend hours sorting through images and building each page. For many photographers each page is a labor of love and art for their client.

Images are selected not only for their quality but in many cases for the ability to tell the whole story. Unlike with digital images or prints when a client chooses all of the images in the case of books or albums the photographer is trusted by the client (with much guidance) to create an art piece.

After the many hours of hard work creating the book or album are finished the photographer then carefully checks for any missed details, contacts their lab or book binder, places the order and when it arrives carefully checks it over before finally presenting it with pride to their client.

So a great deal of work goes into every image that a photographer provides a client, as it should be. The photographer often also provides digital galleries for the clients to show off their images to family and friends. They also insure proper back up and storage so that even if the client has a disaster they can simply contact the photographer and their families memories are restored. Many photographers keep images for years, if not forever, always allowing for reprints or additional disks to be made.

So while I understand how people wonder why they should hire a professional I hope I’ve answered those questions. In all honestly pictures are the one thing people keep forever. They SHOULD be invested in, and in the long run if you don’t hire a pro you’ll end up paying more anyway. First you’ll pay the GWC then either suffer with crappy images or have to go ahead and hire a professional. The same with a drive through chain store.

Unlike GWC’s who are too arrogant to admit they aren’t true professionals, just someone who purchased an expensive camera or chain stores that just want your money, the most important thing to all true professional photographers is getting the best images for our clients in a form that makes them sigh, cry, and love to have that image in their home for generations to come.


What is a GWC?

Recently a fellow photographer and good friend of mine mentioned the difficulty she was having with a GWC. Confused I asked just what was a GWC? With a smile she said “Guy (Girl) With Camera.” Loving this so much I decided to use it in this information to you.

A GWC or is just a great way of staying “Someone who bought a professional digital camera and now thinks they are a photographer.” With the influx of great digitals this is becoming a huge problem not only for the real professionals but also their clients. The even larger problem is that for clients it’s often hard to tell between a GWC and a genuine professional photographer.

The professional photographer of old is a whole new animal, not always sitting behind a large camera in a studio. What used to be a sure sign of a GWC, a offer of a photo disk with a copyright release, is no longer the case. In the age of scanners many photographers have started offering photo disks as a way to allow their clients to print high quality images legally.

I myself have a huge part of my business in our portrait disk. As a photographer I decided that it was better to allow my clients to purchase the disk then to have them try to scan an 8x10 and not get a good copy.

The other old sign was that professional portrait photographers have studios and GWC’s don’t. However with the overhead costs soaring and digital making equipment so easy to move around many professionals now don’t keep a studio location. So how do you tell a GWC from a pro? Ask the following questions:

1. How long have you been in photography? Every photographer is a GWC at one time, usually when they first start out. The good GWC’s though don’t charge people anything, and are just trying to learn the art. Be cautious if they have been a off then on photographer. You can almost always tell at GWC from a pro by asking how long they’ve been in the business. Don’t use this as a tell all though. I’ve met some awesome photographers who have only been shooting for a few years.

2. Can I see your portfolio? Many great photographers never go to college for photography. Just like painting photography is an art and although you can hone your skills in a great school there are other ways. So instead of asking where a photographer went to school ask to see their portfolio. This is the best of the best of the best of their work. If you don’t like it, walk. Maybe your style isn’t gelling with the photographers or they really aren’t that good. If they say they don’t have one that’s a big warning sign. All pros do have a portfolio of some sort. Even student photographers do, so use care if the photographer your talking to hasn’t made the effort to make one.

3. Do you offer prints? Where are processed? This is a big big big thing. If the person your talking to doesn’t offer prints they are probably a GWC. If they say they do ask where they have them printed. Most professional photographers have their prints processed at a professional lab. Some big names are Millers and Bay Photo. Do a google search for a lab they say they use. Pro labs will come up. There are small labs though that do great work. Ask to see an example print. The paper should be a good weight and look clean. Flip it over, is there an order number on the back. Does it look professional? Ask if you have paper choices (linen, metallic ect.) professional labs offer those. If they say they use a chain store like Walmart or Walgreens this should worry you. Especially if your ordering portraits which need high quality printing to last a long time. If they say they print themselves (some large studios do) ask to see an example and then ask if your printer could do the same. Professional photographers will never sell their client something that isn’t professional quality.

4. What do you use to shoot with? A GWC will catch on this question. The pros answer will vary based on where you’ll be shooting. Most pros now use digital SLR’s. A few die hards still use film, but they few and far between. The big word to look for is SLR. If your photographers camera isn’t an SLR you need to wonder. A professional also has studio lights if they will be shooting indoors, good flashes, reflectors, background stands, backgrounds, props ect. The list of needed equipment changes with location and shoot type but a pro has plenty of options a GWC usually only has a camera and maybe a background or two. If the photographer can’t remove their lens that’s not a good sign. Again not having tons of equipment or even a great camera doesn’t mean they aren’t a photographer, it just should make you wonder.

5. Is this your main profession? If say “Well this is something on the side after I’m done with my plumbing job.” Your dealing with a GWC. Maybe a good GWC, but a GWC. Many photographers are starving artists, but they consider photography their profession. The other job is just to pay for the “toys” that photographers love to have. Like full time photographers some GWC’s have decided they are are pros and this is the only job they have so make sure you ask all the other questions too. Jobs like PCA, Walmart, Olan Mills, Sears, they don’t make someone a pro. Now many pros have worked at those places to pay the bills, but in truth those jobs offer little to no training and if that’s what your photographer is basing their ability on run away.

6. I have some ideas on what I want, are you okay with that? A professional will never turn away a clients ideas. Its our job to get you just what you want and what looks great. While a pro might add to your idea in the end they want you to be happy. A GWC might not take it so well, and if a true pro gets crabby because you have ideas you don’t want then taking your photos anyway.

7. Ask yourself “Does this person act like a professional?” A true photographer is proud of their work, is confident in their ability and acts like a business person. If they don’t that could be red flag.

8. Do you have a website? Pros have one. They aren’t always pretty (hey we can only be so creative and we are busy!) but they have one. GWC’s usually don’t.

9. Ask them about their posing training, their light knowledge, and who they consider to be the great photographers of their field. If you get to the shoot and THEY are asking YOU to pose yourself that’s a bad sign.

10. Lastly ask yourself if this is a person you trust with your families memories. Sometimes you have to pay a little more to a professional than you would a GWC, but not always. The important thing is that you are comfortable that the photographer is going to make you happy, and that if you aren’t they will do everything they can to make it right. There is nothing I won’t do to make a client happy, and most professionals are the same.

Fort Campbell Ice Queens!

We had a blast hanging out and photographing the Fort Campbell Ice Queens cheerleading squad yesterday! What a great group of girls and really sweet parents! We will have images posted soon!

Aug 22, 2010

Website updates..

Again! Sorry about this all! We have it off line to resize some things to make it load faster! Please excuse our mess! In the mean time meet Doc. He's a true doll. Mom and big sis brought him to us for some Anne Geddes style images. He was a real sweetie pie! We are going to be introducing you to many new babies super soon!


Jul 27, 2010

Amazing find for lovers of photography!

I know that many of my clients are also lovers of great art photography. So when I saw this on CNN I just had to share. Its amazing to see that after all these years the masters of photography are still giving us inspiration!

Jul 13, 2010

We like you.. do you LIKE us?

LOL Sorry shameless title. Go check out our business facebook page and click "like". Once a month we pick a person on our "like" list for freebies! Just paste the link below in your browser. OH and if you are one of our FB fans we always give you a free 8x10!

Forgive our construction please..

If you ever talk to someone who says their home improvement or construction project went exactly as planned they are either lying or very very lucky. If they are not one of those two bow at their feet and find out just how they did and publish a book. You'll be millionaire in under a week.

As for our little renovation project on our website its going well, with the exception of a few bumps. The biggest being slow at the open and the music sounding like a toddler trying to sing with the hiccups. In other words its a bit annoying. We are working to fix this problem.

The easiest fix so far is to please simply click on the website, enter, then go grab a cup of coffee, or tea.. I'm big on a some chocolate as well and when you get back it will be all uploaded and buffered nicely.

Sorry for the delay. I hope to have it all worked out soon.. in the mean time I'm going to remind myself that while we photographers may be amazing behind the camera we can't be wonderful at everything.

Hope you enjoy all the new images on the site!

Best Wishes!


P.S. If you go to our facebook site you'll see the AMAZING images that Grant & Deb of grantdebphotographers took for us so new clients can see just who these crazy people with the cameras really are. I'm really pleased with them!

Jun 28, 2010

Angels of the Absent

Many of you know that I was planning on taking some time off while my husband is deployed to do some projects near and dear to my heart. This is one of them. Thanks in advance for your love and support.


Angels Of The Absent

When professional maternity/newborn photographer Keesha Hervey left her busy studio in Virginia to PCS with her husband to Fort Campbell, KY she planned on waiting a few months before starting to reopen her company Real Moments Photography, to get the family settled. Upon their arrival at Fort Campbell they discovered her husband would immediately be deploying to Afghanistan, and that many thousands of troops had already left.

During a trip to the PX they saw many fellow military wives, husbands deployed, and expecting little ones any day. This caused Keesha be very grateful that they had been together for the birth of each of their three children.

The desire to help these families, show her support, and tell their story motivated her to create the Angels Of The Absent program.

This program provides no cost newborn photography to babies with a parent deployed away for their family. Babies with parents deployed to war zones receive priority as do parents of multiples. (Twins, Triplets ect…) Keesha believes handling one baby is hard enough, handling multiples by oneself should get you a medal, or at least a complimentary photograph!

There is no creative fee, and the mother will receive a disk with full size, fully edited images and a copyright release. Approx. a $390 value. The number of poses will vary based on the shoot. The purpose of this program is to provide deployed family members with a priceless image of their new baby.

All ranks and branches are encouraged to apply. Mothers are encouraged to apply in their 8th or 9th month, or directly after their babies are born. If selected the mothers will be notified while they are still pregnant and should simply contact our photographer after their baby arrives to set up the shoot. The ideal time to photograph a newborn is when they are under two weeks old. Keesha will photograph as many Angels of the Absent applicants per month as she can.

There is a small application to fill out which you can receive by sending us an email at Simply request the Angels Of the Absent application. It’s very important to fill the application out honestly as families are chosen based on the information provided NOT on a first come basis.

Jun 22, 2010

Big changes for the RMP family..

Well we have arrived in Fort Campbell, KY and are busy unpacking boxes. The wonderful news is that people here at Fort Campbell are really sweet. There are so many expecting moms!

The bad news is that we have been told that Rocky will be leaving in 30 days for a full year in Afganistan. Although this was something we knew could happen with PCSing to such a high speed base we were very hopeful we would avoid it.

So while we are taking the next 30 days to spend together, after the dust has settled we have some very cool new programs ready to announced. Everyone who knows me well knows I have three great loves in my life, my family, my friends, and of course my photography. While Rocky is gone I'll be using that time for some amazing photography programs that have been waiting patiently in the wings.

Thank you all for your love and support. Look for more information soon!

Best Wishes & Merry Memories,


May 30, 2010

New video!

Our newest video of our work. Feel free to share. I'm sure many of you will see your little ones featured here!

Apr 26, 2010

Looking back..

I’m not big on regrets, not big on looking back and wondering “What if?” While I find great reward in learning from the past, I try very hard not to dwell on it. But every once in awhile I take a bit of a side trip, asking myself if I had chosen a different road, a slight detour, how would things really be?

I love my job, but many of you know that I for many years wanted to be an Apache Longbow pilot. I know odd. How exactly does one go from loving my job as an maternity and infant photographer to wanting to fly one of the deadliest helicopters in the United States military?

Aside from being downright deadly Apache’s are one of the biggest deterrents our military has. The enemy sees an Apache overhead they decide that particular convoy isn’t worth their lives. They provide the kind of deadly cover that no other helicopter can offer. Fast, graceful, and downright lethal they can come to rescue or remove danger in a an instant. Many a solider will tell you that in the heat of battle an Apache on the approach turned the tide. You simply can’t hide from a hell fire missile.

The first time I saw an Apache was right after I married my husband and moved to Fort Bragg, NC. In 2002 the base was still reeling from September 11th and helicopters were always in the air. The Apaches would buzz the roads, low and shockingly quiet for as large as they are. Their pilots and crew always watchful for anything out of the usual. It created a sense of safety in a world still a bit tilted from the terrorist attacks.

As our on post house was between their flight path and the airfield they flew over our house at all hours. As a girl from a tiny Kansas town where the planes we saw mostly were crop dusters, an Apache was down right amazing. I have since seen every kind of military aircraft and know most of them on sight. None are as graceful as the Apache.

Although I did a great deal of research into joining the Army as a pilot, in fact was downright begged by an ROTC official (there are very few (albeit very talented) female pilots) it came down to a very simple fact. I have a family and little ones. Three in fact that I adore, all though they drive me bonkers, and my hubby is in the Army. Having two parents in the military is really tough on kids and families. My children are not holding me back, I hate people who blame their life choices on their kids, but they were a huge part of my decision.

So I set those thoughts aside and persuaded my photography, a job that I really do enjoy. Sometimes though the thought would pop in my head. “This is great but as a pilot I could really be making a difference.”

Last week a good friend of ours got me into an Apache hanger. I seriously could have died. Although I did a very good job of not hyperventilating I felt very much like a kid a Disney world who just saw Mickey Mouse. Sliding into the pilots seat of a trainer I had this overwhelming feeling of “right”. Now just “how cool is this” but also “Yeah, I could do this.”

There is no feeling like walking out on a flight line and hearing the sound of helicopters taking off and landing. No greater rush that the feeling on the air hitting you from the take off of one of those amazing pieces of machinery.

It was an amazing experience, one that I’ll never be able to thank our friends enough for, and one I will never forget.

I wish I could say that I came back to my studio that day and thought very much of chucking it all to the wind and going to flight school. I didn’t really. Honestly I don’t know if I would have if I wasn’t so crazy busy getting ready for move the studio and our family to Fort Campbell. But I am, so I didn’t. Until last night.

Last night while everyone was sleeping I thought very hard about how amazing it would be to fly, to be that helicopter pilot close the action and making the difference. The snuggling of my youngest son, who was in bed with us caused me to set those feelings aside at least until this morning.

I walked into my studio now packed with boxes and set down at my desk where an image of me standing by huge Apache is my desktop picture and sighed ready for a full blown looking back with regret pity party. “Am I really making a difference, does this all really matter”. Then as I often do when I’m frustrated or need inspiration I looked up at my image board that hangs above my props. The board is full of my clients, albeit a few months behind as I’m so busy in here.

I saw smiling faces of expectant mothers, sweet faces of precious newborns only welcomed by their parents a few days before they met my camera. I know that these images will be treasured forever by these families and more than I few have been carried into war. I hope that looking at those images of home, of loving spouses, and children waiting to be hugged hope lift the spirits of those far from their loved ones.

Perhaps I thought with a small sigh and a smile that even though I’m not on the frontlines making a difference, the images that I shoot are. They mean so much to the families that I photograph, and that is such an overwhelming honor to me. So yeah, no ones life is in my hands, but what I do is important never the less and I’m grateful for it. Honestly and truly I do love my job.

The road we choose leads us to the future we are meant to have, and I wouldn’t trade mine for anything. I DO love what I do, and I know deep down its what I was meant to do. I’m grateful for my children and the life I lead, and I wouldn’t switch with anyone.

So while I’ll always probably wonder “What if” when I see an Apache I’ll remember to be grateful for the life I have and the difference I do make in the world. Although if they ever make it possible for a civilian to catch a ride in one of those helicopters I’m first in line. After all its great to be sensible, but perfectly okay to be crazy for a day.

Apr 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Blog..

Tomorrow, April 16th is my 26th birthday, and the first birthday for my youngest son.

Last year early in the morning before dawn broke through the clouds Brennan was born, a tiny 5pounds 2 ozs and wonderfully healthy. I knew from that moment on that a day that was once going to be celebrated only by me was now something that was going to be shared. Perhaps a few times this year a pang of that loss of specialness surfaced, but a quick glace at that little blue eyed baby quickly smothered it.

How many mothers get to share something that special with their child? Especially their youngest and last baby? A gift to me on my birthday. And as that date fast approaches I only feel blessed to have him, to know that he and I will always have that bond. I love each of my children. My Kate is my only daughter, my Triston my oldest, and my Brennan my baby. Each of my little ones is so special.

So while I now share this very special day and he with me I will never be ungrateful for that moment and day he came into my life. While most mothers get their birthday gifts delivered via UPS mine came courtesy of a big white stork.

Happy birthday my Brennan. I love you so.


Apr 7, 2010

Cool New Photo Use..

Okay so you all know I LOVE finding new and fun ways to use photography. Skin it is an awesome company that lets you well skin anything you own. Seriously. From your laptop to your cell phone they make it all. AND you can use the images you get from us to. As a matter of fact. Click through our blogs and you get a cool shipping coupon. Hmmmm now I wonder if Rocky would be okay with me skinning our mini van....

LOL Best Wishes!


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Mar 30, 2010

Studio Relocating..

The blessings in our life are not always a constant. They come sometimes gently into our lives, sometimes with a roar and they can leave in kind. It is our responsibility and greatest joy to welcome these wonderful things when they come and to realize and be grateful for the time we have had with them when they leave or change.

Opening my own photography studio was a huge fulfillment of many a dream and one of my greatest wishes. From the moment I saw the small building with huge glass doors I knew that I wanted to create memories there, and so I have.

I have shared the anticipation of many a mother during a maternity shoot, watched the little one inside them roll and kick, often times at the name blocks I was trying in vain to keep on moms tummy.

It has been my great honor to hold a precious newborn. Many just a few days old, full of sweet innocence and peaceful with the world around them. I am always humbled by the parents trust in me to capture those first portraits of the tiny thing that has forever changed their entire existence.

I have the joy of calling many of these clients my friends for I am very close with them.

I want to take a moment to thank all of you for your support and trust. I also want to thank Sandy and Erin at Fun Fetal Photos for being such wonderful friends and for being so dedicated and loyal to us. As well as my family for standing beside me as I work 15 hour days trying to get everything perfect.

Aside from being a photographer and a mother I am also married to a wonderful man. A man that many of you know happens to also be a member of the US Army.

So like many Army families recently we were recently told that due to many BRAC changes we would be receiving orders to Fort Campbell, Kentucky. We also last week were informed that instead of needing to be there in late summer we would instead need to leave our current home by the first part of May. Thus I will be closing the studio after the end of April.

Fort Campbell is a really nice base, but it deeply saddens me to have to leave my precious first studio and my devoted clients.

Thus it’s no surprise that one of my first worries was where my clients would turn to after we left. So we scoured the area for talented photographers to suggest our clients too.

Although we were unable to find someone in our low price bracket we were able to find a very talented husband and wife team, Grant & Deb Photographers who are just breaking into the maternity/newborn market.

Grant & Deb Photographers are already well known in the area for their amazing wedding photography. I chose them to suggest to clients not only for their talent but also their wonderful attitudes and dedication to each other. Married for 25 years this dynamic duo has three grown children and the kind of spark that makes people just want to be around them! Its no shock they are moving into the maternity/newborn market. If I had been a bride of theirs I couldn’t imagine anyone else photographing my pregnancy!

Photography of this caliber is an investment, and thus does cost a little bit more than you would expect to pay at studios of less quality, like Wal-mart or Sears,(can you really call those places photography studios??!) but Grant and Deb are right along with industry standards in regards to pricing. They offer a very competitive session fee of just $150 and digital packages starting at just $350. They also offer professional prints.

So while price is always an important factor, when you consider that this time of your life will only happen once and will forever change your life I think the investment is well worth it!

You can see examples of Grant and Deb’s work at When you contact them please tell them that we sent you their way. They will be excited to meet all of you and those precious little ones of yours!

I want to reassure ANYONE who has had a recent session with us ALL IMAGES WILL BE EDITED and presented to clients before we leave. No exceptions. I assure you no one will not get their images.

In that spirit we are no longer taking any additional sessions not already on our books so that we have plenty of time to take care of those clients waiting on their images. We will still be taking a very limited number of newborn sessions for maternity clients with babies born in the early part of the month of April.

If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact me at my email,

It has been my greatest honor to be your families photographer, and like anyone in the military will tell you I have no doubt we will all see each other again. We will be opening the studio again in Kentucky where we are being offered several years of stabilization. We already have several clients who have transferred there waiting anxiously. If you are ever in that neck of the woods please stop by and say hello.

Please watch your email at the end of April for a very special video including all of my clients with a special message from me and my family.

Best Wishes & Lots of Love,

Keesha Hervey

Head Photographer
Real Moments Photography

Mar 23, 2010

What makes a photographer??

There are so many talented shooters in this area, and in my profession. There a great many that I look to for inspiration when I'm tired, or overworked. Many that produce the kind of images that just pull your heartstrings.

Many of these same photographers worry that digital cameras are going to make the art of photography obsolete. That our services won't be needed as 2million megapixil cameras with face finders, hit the market for four bucks each.

So this morning as I waited for a new lens to be delivered I wondered just what makes a photographer? Honestly if you learn the technical points of a camera you can take solid images. However, they lack that emotional pull, that thing that brings mommys to tears and dads to puff their chests out in pride.

While watching Anne Geddes work on YouTube,(No great shock she's one of my favorites) I saw her look from her camera and just stop for a moment. She was taken for just a second into a place of pure joy and wonder at that little one in front of her camera.

Thats when I realized that I to do that. There are moments when I look at the babies I'm photographing or the glowing mothers and just marvel at how precious, how deeply innocent those moments are.

So while many photographers can get the shot technically right and the camera companies are doing a great job providing the gear to make every family be able to capture moments at home, I don't think the need for a photographer will ever be gone.

As long as we as artists provide high quality moments captured forever for these families our jobs will always be secure, because we don't just take a picture we capture a feeling. Isn't that the best job ever?

Mar 15, 2010

Canvas Sale!


A framed print is wonderful but nothing says class like a custom canvas. People have been decorating their homes with these art pieces for decades. Image your home with your specially designed canvas print hanging on the wall. Can’t you just hear the compliments!

And now you can get them at an amazing price! Our canvas company is staffed by professionals in their craft and a few times a year they offer us amazing deals to boost our bottom line. Other studios might pocket these profits but not Real Moments Photography! We are passing these savings on to you!

Now through MARCH 18th (and not a minute past midnight) our amazing canvas’s are on sale, and we are sweetening the deal by further discounting our 8x10 canvas size. AS WELL as putting together a very special canvas bundle for you.

Canvas’s must be paid for at the time of ordering. As we have priority printing with our canvas artists we expect these canvas’s to be here the following week. In plenty of time for Easter gifts! In fact if you buy the same image, on the same size canvas you get an ADDITIONAL 20% off the sale price!!

Do NOT be fooled by Internet companies claiming to have professional canvases! Those are low quality and are often not UV coated. They do not stand the test of time. Investing in our canvas’s insure you beauty for many years to come!

We just delivered five of these amazing canvases in very large sizes to a client and they looked amazing in her home! Don’t miss out on this once a year sale!


1- 8x10 Canvas of your image choice

1- 8x10 Canvas of your image choice

1- 16x20 Canvas of your image choice

Regular Price - $460


Individual Canvases!

Size- 8x10 Regular Price $140 Sale Price $90

Size- 16x16 Regular Price $160 Sale Price $128

Size- 16x20 Regular Price $180 Sale Price $144

Size- 20x24 Regular Price $270 Sale Price $216

Mar 2, 2010


Our 2010 Easter Event Is Here!

Come have your child photographed in their Easter finest (or adorable play
clothes) with two REAL baby rabbits.

Teddy Bear and Sugar Pie are our easter bunnies this year and they are so sweet, and very ready for their close up with your little one(s).

The Easter event will be held March 20th and March 21st with appointments from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. by appointment only.

We will as always be offering a few different special Easter poses for you
to choose from. Like all our events the cost is just $74 and includes the
image of your choice on a disk with a copyright release.

All images will be edited and provided to you the same day. Ready to have
Easter cards or prints as Easter gifts!

ARE YOU EXPECTING? Don't worry new moms we haven't left you out! You can make an appointment as well for a very fun maternity Easter image.

PARENTS PLEASE BOOK EARLY! There has been a great deal of interest in these appointments with 9 families already requesting we hold them a slot.
Please do not wait and find out we are booked solid.

Due to the popularity of this event we will not be holding additional slots.
All appointments will be first come first serve.
No shows will not be allowed to make any further appointments with our studio.

CALL TODAY! 580-583-2492 or email us at

DISCOUNTS: Parents would you like $5 off your Easter pictures? Just bring
in a letter of reccomdation for our studio and we will take $5 off your
Easter shoot! One letter will be randomly chosen to receive a FREE 8x10 of
their childs image mailed directly to you!!!

Did you come to our Valentines Event? Many of you did, and I bet you found
the $5 coupon card in your envelope. Bring that in for $5 off. Have both?
Great save $10!

* Parents this is the LAST Event scheduled for 2010 at this special price.
This is a great deal, but it won't last. Schedule now!

Feb 28, 2010

One year later, babies & motorcycles

This past week as been one of two really wonderful memories for me. Kendall, our first "hanging angel" (the baby in the cheese cloth) well known to many of you through our website and books turned one recently. Her mother came to see me to pick up her first year images.

I can hardly believe that little baby with whom I photographed as she came into this world and all these months after is now a precious one year old with a head full of dark curls. I followed her mothers pregnancy, was at her birth, and several times after, but it seems her one year birthday snuck up on me. It reminds me very much how time flies as my own little one was born only a few months after Kendall.

This week I also got a wonderful reminder of how important good friends, who own amazing props, really are. A good family friend, and former solider of my hubby's, is training here with the Navy at Norfolk. Zach has an amazing blue Honda motorcycle, the likes of which I've rarely seen before. It's a beauty, and aside from his wife and children his pride and joy.

Many of you have met Zach has he often stops into the studio to help me as he is very creative and a fair hand with cranky toddlers. Zach was visiting this weekend, I think very much wanting a better meal than the mess hall and since it was nice rode his bike.

Upon seeing it again a memory flashed into my mind of an image done by another photographer of a baby laying on a bike. In this image the baby was very young and was laying on his back. I loved the image but couldn't help but thinking when I saw it how I would love to have done it with a little one draped on his belly on a large bike.

So I mentioned it to Zach, and always helpful he offered to help me photograph the bike and baby. Well then I just needed a little one. Although I photograph at least one newborn a week I couldn't bring to mind a brand new one whose parents wouldn't mind dropping everything and popping into my studio.

Then I thought of little Frank, our cookie jar baby. Although Frank is a month and half now, he's tiny since he was a preemie and his parents are real gems. So I gave his mommy a quick call and she was all to willing to bring him in for another close up. Thank goodness for great clients.

When it came down to it getting the little one for the shot and the actual image was nothing in comparison to getting the massive bike into the studio. Lucky for me Zach has been riding since he could properly sit on a motorcycle and with some gentle pushing, and lifting, and a great deal of gentle maneuvers the big blue Honda made its way into the studio.

The image created today is nothing like the one I had seen, and I'm very happy of it. Like all photographers we are often are inspired by other great photographers work, but hardly want to copy it directly.

So while not like the masters work this image is all my own, and good reminder that sometimes you scour the country looking for just the right prop for an image, and sometimes it rides right up to you!

Best wishes all!

P.S. The images attached are our precious Kendall, Rocky and Zach with the bike, and precious Frankie posing for us.

Feb 25, 2010

$8 8x10's!

A Late Valentines
Day Gift!

$8 8x10's!
We are offering a late Valentines Day present to all our existing clients. Our printing company is offering us a great deal so we are passing it on to you!

For the next 48 hours our award winning 8x10's from our professional printing company are just $8! Yes $8!! Thats a savings of 7 bucks!

PLUS order 8 and get one free!

There is no limit to how many you can order, however they must be for completed shoots. Sorry no future shoots or shoots in progress.

All orders must be submitted to our photographers by Friday at 9 p.m. Payments can be processed over the phone.

Clients may pick up their images March 9th. If they arrive early (which we expect they will) clients will be contacted. This is the BEST 8x10 sale we will offer this year so stock up now for Mothers Day presents!

Call us now at 580-583-2492 or via email at

Feb 10, 2010

Can you say snow day???

Well its another blizzard here in Virginia, too nasty to be out and about. Certainly too nasty to have my expecting moms and new babies out. THUS if you were scheduled for a pick up today I'll be giving you a call to reschedule.

For those who are waiting on that call that your images are done don't worry boys and girls I have my laptop here at home and am still editing like crazy!

Oh and we should also mention that we are having issues with our voicemail. Again. Sigh... so if you call and leave us a message please please please follow up with a call if you don't hear from us within 48 hours. The voicemail grimlan likes to eat messages despite me calling and speaking it his cage keeper several times already. You can also always email us at That is checked several times a day and usually will get you the fastest response.

Thanks all!

Feb 3, 2010

What a cute little cookie bear!

I have a very special cookie jar I picked up six months ago.. I've been looking and looking for just the right baby and not too long ago he finally arrived.

Little Frankie was even more tiny than my Brennan was when he was born and fit oh so perfect in the cookie jar! He was so precious I just had to share!

Best Wishes,

Jan 23, 2010

Valentines Specials for Babies & Ladies!

Valentines Day Special For Your Little Angel!

Bring your little cherub or precious expecting baby belly in Valentines Day from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. for a special portrait event ! Appointments are available every hour. These shoots will be approx. 30 minutes along at which time we will be having three very special Valentines Day photography sets.

Your baby/toddler can become a special Valentines angel, sweet cherub, and we’ll be cooking up some love! If your expecting we’ll have a VERY special prop set just for you!

Then while you wait in the comfort of our studio we will PROFESSIONALLY EDIT your images, and you pick your favorite. You can then leave THAT DAY with the image on a disk with a copyright release.

The cost is just $74 and includes the mini shoot, full editing, your images on a secure website, AND the image of your choice on a disk with a copyright release.

PETS WELCOME! Furry children are always welcome in our studio at no extra charge.

4 FREE WALLETS FOR MILITARY, POLICE, FIREFIGHTERS, EMT's, & TEACHERS! If you would like an appointment please contact us at 580-583-2492 as soon as possible. These appointments will go quickly!

Need An Amazing Gift For The Man Of Your Life?

Whether the love of your life is away on deployment or you just want to knock his socks off on Valentines Day we have the perfect gift for you! On Sunday February 7th Real Moments Photography will be hosting a very special semi-boudoir portrait event!

These private mini sessions will include a FUN, RELAXED, portrait with our experienced female photographer, full glamour editing, and the pose of your choice on a disk with a copyright release. These images are NOTHING like the chain stores do. They are fun, sexy, but in no way slutty.

These sessions are VERY private, held in the comfort of our studio, and your images will forever be kept private. Wear your favorite bra, his high school football jersey and those amazing blue jeans you love. Maybe a sexy black dress that you adore and those killer heels. Or don’t forget his military uniform! Want to really drive him crazy? We can do that to, all in a fun relaxed way! We can work with your special ideas!

No matter your body type our professional photographer knows how to pose your to show your assets! These images are FULLY GLAMOUR EDITED! You can pick them up 48 hours after your shoot.

The price is amazing at just $85. This INCLUDES your shoot, all your image editing, & your favorite image on a disk with a copyright release. Professional prints are available.

We only have 6 slots available, and these will FILL VERY FAST. This will be the ONLY event of this type we have this year! Our full boudoir sessions are over $400!

If you would like an appointment please contact us at 580-583-2492! Have questions?
Feel free to email us at

Jan 21, 2010

Newspaper Feature!

We've been featured in The Wheel at Fort Eustis! Please check out the story below & feel free to leave a comment there! We appreciate your love and support!

P.S. At the bottom you'll note it mentions we helped 300 families with free images. I was nervous (hey I'm used to being on the other side of an interview) when I talked to the reporter. Although we have certainly photographed that many and given free OR discounted images to that many I'm not sure if they were all free. She asked for a number and I just answered with how many we've photographed. LOL But you all know how quick I am to hand out so it might be that many after all! LOL I'll never be a millionaire but oh well I LOVE my job!