Dec 23, 2009

Little Fingerprints..

In the very front of my studio are very large doors with floor to ceiling panes of thick glass. I love these doors as they make my studio feel airy and large. As a photographer of young children these doors are more often than not graced with little handprints, impressions of tiny noses, and once in a while a smudged drawing done using the end of a small finger.

These little bits of the children who visit me, often the leavings of my own little ones never bother me. Now again I get out the glass cleaner and wipe them away. If only so that the parents of the next children don’t think that we never clean, and to give those little ones a place to put their own masterpieces.

As an artist of sorts myself I can not help but enjoy this little gift the babies and toddlers that come through my studio leave me on the glass. And today as I sat here in the late afternoon watching the sun stream through those glass doors I realized that like those fingerprints left by the children I too get to leave my mark.

The families that walk through my door with round baby bellies and precious newborns are allowing me to ever so gently place a fingerprint on their lives. This is an unforgettable time for them, and I am allowed to capture it forever. The photographs I take, the emotion and the love that is seen in them will never be forgotten, never set aside. These images of newborns full of sweet innocence, wide eyed amazement, and sleepy peace, will be forever treasured by these families.

This is a great honor to me, and hugely humbling. So as we draw so near to the end of this year and take time to spend with those we love I wanted to take this moment to thank you all for including us in your lives. Each and everyone one you, and the babies you so gracefully trust me with, leave a tiny little fingerprint on my heart. Best Holiday Wishes.

Keesha Hervey
Head Photographer
Real Moments Photography

Dec 2, 2009

Exciting New Cards!

Although we have a great company that we adore for military themed birth annoucements, we were THRILLED to find a really high class company that offers some additional designs that our other wholesalers do not.

Click on the link below to meet this new company and see their designs you can ONLY get through one of our links. These are reserved for clients coming to them from professional photographers. Our early Christmas gift to you!

See The Tiny Prints Professional Photographer Collection.

Perfect presents, a great sitter, and amazing photography prices!

What more could you ask for! This months newsletter is full to the brim for all your holiday needs! So much in fact we had to post a copy of it on our blog! Come into the studio for some amazing holiday prices, and some adorable kiddo costumes. This year we have a snowman, penguin, and lots of other holiday fun! So much in fact I better get back to it! Enjoy the newsletter!

Amazing Christmas Canvas Special!

Pick your favorite image from any session here at Real Moments Photography and get an amazing 11x14 canvas for just $75! That is a savings of over $85! There is no better present for friends or family than a canvas artwork piece. Grandmothers love them!

Happy Holidays!

The holiday season is in full swing here at the studio, and its certainly put us in a festive mood. We are really enjoying seeing so many of our old clients bring their babies back for us to do their first, (or third lol) Christmas.

Although our first super busy holiday season is causing a few growing pains, we can not help but feel so grateful to have so many people who love our studio!

A Few Changes..

Our photography has always been based on giving our clients amazing customer service with images that express the emotion and relationship in their families. We are so very honored at the outpouring of excitement for our studio. However, we were unprepared for the number of people wanting an appointment.

We tried very hard to get as many people as possible in for appointments, ending up shooting three times what we had expected. Thus extending the time it takes for images to get edited, and not allowing us to do the special art pieces we so enjoy doing.

Just like any business it has taken us some time to find the right balance, and we’ve found that although we would love to be able to photograph everyone that wants an appointment right away we are having to limit our appointments with our maternity and newborn clients getting priority placement.

This is important to let you know for a few reasons. First if you desire an appointment please contact us as far out from the date your desire as possible. Second if you are accustomed to contacting us close to a date of appointment and we are able to accommodate you that might not be possible now.

HOWEVER, we will do our very best for special situations like a service member being home on mid tour leave. We will always do our very best to get you in.

PLEASE do not be concerned if you are expecting or have a newborn baby. We will still be able to work you in during those important timetables.

The most important thing for us is that our clients realize that we are limiting our appointments and giving maternity and newborn priority placement to go back to the quality and quick turn around time that our clients expect from us.

Thank you for your continued support. You honor us deeply by allowing us to capture your memories.

Our Gift To You, The Best One Of All, A Super Sitter!

Is there any better gift for parents than the name and number of an amazing babysitter? At our studio a great childcare provider is worth their weight in gold, and I’m blessed with a 24 carat one!

Our sitter Bret, is an amazing person with two adorable kiddos of her own. When she told me she has some openings I knew I had to share the news with my clients. If you are looking for weekly care she has an opening for one family, and she has a few openings for “date night” as well as overnight care.

Her rates are amazing, and I personally promise that you won’t find any better person to take care of your little ones. You can give her a call at 757-604-6998. You can also reach her via email at Just let her know you heard about her through Real Moments Photography!

And A Gift For That Special Someone!
Need the perfect gift for that special lady? Don’t go the box jewelry stores and get her something her friends will have too! Visit the home gallery showing of the stunning artistic jewelry work of Sandra Gardner.
With pieces in most price ranges Sandra’s work is the perfect gift for all the special ladies on your list. Her mix of classic and unique is wonderful for all ages from the youngest princess to the more mature grandmothers.

A portion of all profits go to charity.

The show starts at 10 a.m. Saturday December 5th at 875 Yorktown Road in Poquoson VA. For more information call 757-224-7522.

Did you know fuzzy babies are always welcome at our studio? Thats right all friendly pets may be included at no extra charge! Just let our photographer know
when you schedule your appointment so we can plan for your furry family member.

710 Denbigh Blvd Suite 4D

Nov 30, 2009

Where do you get these ideas?

I get this question a lot, and just like any artist the inspiration for my images come from several sources.

First is other photographers. If any photographer tells you they never look at other people's work and use that as inspiration they are probably telling you a little white one. Photographers love to admire other great shooters. Every single baby photographer in this country knows of Anne Geddes and well if they don't run, and I do mean run, out of their studio at full clip.

Anne taught us to look at children as more than just something to photograph but something to treasure, and she continues to do so. As the ranks of wonderful infant photographers continue to swell, there will be much comparing of artistic styles. I never mind to see my work repeated by another photographer, especially if they are just as talented or better than I am. What a huge compliment. Although I rarely directly copy another photographer, instead taking an idea and molding it to what best suites my client, I do find that even two photographers with the same idea, in the same room, heck with the same model wouldn't produce something that is exactly alike. Not if they are being true to themselves. Photography is just too much of an art for that.

Second has to be from my clients. I have the best clients any photographer could ask for. We tell everyone that walks through our door "These images are not for my portfolio, they are for your walls. Talk to us about whats important to you." I think the biggest mistake any photographer can make is under estimating their clients. Yes, some need more direction than others. After all they want the photographer to be the creative mind. Still many clients are greatly creative themselves and are just looking for me to find a way to bring their dreams to life. To create that perfect moment, that priceless image. In the end it's perhaps the greatest inspiration to take their idea and paint a masterpiece with it.

Third is just from daily life. As a mother of three little ones myself, and a wife to a military man I am surrounded by life in it's purest form. My kids are forever doing something new and different.. and often dangerous in the case of my oldest son.. (WHAT IS IT WITH BOYS AND NO FEAR ANYWAY? LOL)

Their wonderful spirits are forever giving me ideas. A chalk painting session out in the carport where they had splattered colorful feet inspired me to create "The Feet of Childhood." one of my most popular images. My son resting his hand on my belly to feel his baby sister kick was the inspiration behind the image of the hands on moms belly that sits in Fun Fetal Photos.

My husband gentle and loving is the inspiration behind the image that I do of many fathers, armed wrapped around moms belly in what we call the protection pose.

So you can see like all artists the photography at here at Real Moments Photography comes from many sources, but always with the heart and soul of our wonderful clients in mind.

Keesha Hervey

Nov 6, 2009

Happy Holidays and Merry Memories!

Happy Holidays & Merry Memories!

No matter which holidays you celebrate this time of year is when we call
capture memories to last through the months apart. I personally have a
great deal to capture and be thankful for with two special "firsts" this

First this is my first holiday season in our new studio, and more
important my youngest son, Brennan's first.. well EVERYTHING! We were blessed with his arrival this past April.

So I wanted to take just a moment to remember that the important things in our lives aren't things, instead they are the people that make up the goodness in our world. They are the doting grandparents, the wonderful sitters that help us at the last moment, the girl at the coffee place that never minds making that latte special, or the teacher who happily molds young minds.

At Real Moments Photography we have a great deal to be thankful for. Our studio has bloomed under the support of our friends, family and fellow businesses. We have the most devoted clients possible, and we are able to create art.

What more could we ask for? So from our family to yours, Happy Holidays and Merry Memories!


Due to the overwhelming request for family holiday portraits we will be hosting a family picture event on November, 21st from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. for mini shoots. Appointments are available every hour.

These shoots will be approx. 30 minutes along at which time we will capture a special unique family photo for you, and if time allows a few additional poses.

Then while you wait in the comfort of our studio we will PROFESSIONALLY EDIT your image. You can then leave THAT DAY with the image on a disk with a copyright release.

This allows you to get your Christmas cards ready to go. The cost is just $74 and includes the mini shoot, full editing, your images on a secure website, AND the image of your choice on a disk with a copyright release.

PETS WELCOME! Furry children are always welcome in our studio at no extra charge.

4 FREE WALLETS FOR MILITARY, POLICE, FIREFIGHTERS, EMT's, & TEACHERS! If you would like an appointment please contact us at 580-583-2492 as soon as possible. These appointments will go quickly!

Need A Holiday Wreath?

ls there anything more perfect than a fresh holiday wreath? One of our most special client's children are selling fresh Maine wreaths for this holiday season. If you would like to order one just stop by the studio or give us a call for more information!

No coupons or free gift certificates can be used at the special event
due to the low prices.

Nov 2, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Thank you everyone for making our first Halloween in our studio a huge success! We had many families come through and the kiddos were ADORABLE!

Before we get to the pictures let me remind you how to get your images. The link will take you to our normal proofing site.

As you scroll through you will see a number in dark black at the top left of the images. (Right below it says point to magnify)THIS is the number I need you to email me. Simply send an email to requesting that image file. Remember this is totally free. We already have the proofing site so we are just taking advantage of it.

If you would like a high quality print of your images you can order them directly from this site. They will be shipped directly to your home within 48 hours. These prints are wonderful quality. I love them.

If you have any questions feel free to send me an email or give me a call at 580-583-2492!


The Halloween Link Is

P.S. If you are planning on Christmas images please contact us ASAP. I received 12 calls TODAY alone for appointments and they are filling VERY VERY fast. I would be heartbroken to have to turn away some of our long time clients! See you soon!

Oct 24, 2009

I'm so excited!

Our new studio has proven to be the hottest place to be in Newport News for photography! We are so blessed to have so many wonderful people stopping by to make appointments and as always getting to meet those precious little bundles. I always feel a certain surge of joy every time a parent honors me with taking their child's first portraits. Sigh... such a wonderful time...

We have also had the great fun of photographing a wedding or two, many maternity sessions and a fair share of great families. How lucky can one company be? I haven't had a day off since we opened the studio, working 12 hour days, and LOVING every single moment of it. I'm working extra hard next week to get all the clients done from previous weeks to prepare for the holiday rush. We are ALREADY filling fast. Please please please if you want a holiday session call us right away. Its going to be so hard to turn people away and I know we are going to hit that point more sooner than later.

We will be running some AMAZING holiday specials..My hubby says that I remind him of that car dealership with the slogan "I'd give em away, but my wife won't let me." except with me it's the hubby! Too bad for him though I wrote the holiday specials BEFORE he knew. LOL So it's gonna be a great deal! But shhh don't tell my hubby!

I'm adding some of the images from shoots this month.. We have had SUCH pretty babies and great families through here. If you don't see your session don't worry! I plan to post more soon!

Hugs and Halloween Wishes!


P.S. DON'T FORGET, free Halloween portraits this year! Just stop by the studio in costume from 1p.m. to 9 p.m.! Remember this images are 100% free with a copyright release. So you can send em to grandma! Our way of saying THANK YOU for you wonderful support of our studio!

Oct 18, 2009

Free Halloween Portraits!


Join us for their grand opening celebration Halloween from 1 to 9 p.m.

We will have KID FRIENDLY decorations, lots of candy and ABSOLUTELY FREE PORTRAITS.

We are conveniently located at
710 Denbigh Blvd Suite 4D Newport News.Visit Us Online at

Need More Information? Call us 580-583-2492.

Directions: Take Jefferson to Denbigh, Turn Right on Denbigh. We are on the right hand side directly before the turn for Mary Immaculate Hospital in the Colony Square of Denbigh.

Oct 8, 2009

Busy as a baby bee!

LOL Well maybe we've been busy as big bees but we have been seeing lots of precious babies walking through our doors. We are so blessed and happy with our new studio. I'm so sorry I haven't had a chance to post more. I promise I'll update soon! We have so many amazing little ones to show you!

Sep 25, 2009

Free Gift Certificate!


It is my sincerest hope that everyone who reads this email sees their greatest dreams in life come true. Through the unwavering support of so many, including my beloved clients one of my greatest ambitions in life was realized this month with the opening of our brand new studio.

Located in the heart of Newport News near Mary Immaculate Hospital the studio is warm and inviting. It is a place where our clients can come and have a relaxed enjoyable time creating priceless memories. We are so very proud of it.

This roomy space has allowed us to finally branch out and create the kind of photographic art that our clients love without the limitations that location shooting posed. Although you will as always see us photographing expecting moms in the surf at the beach and families playing in the leaves at local parks this new studio has given us a wonderful new option for our clients.

We want to take a moment to thank our families and friends who have been so very supportive, Erin & Sandy at Fun Fetal Photos ( for making our company their official photographers and showcasing our work, as well as all our amazing clients. You are the reason we are able to do what we love for a living, and that is the truest of American dreams.

To celebrate our new studio and to thank you all we are offering free of charge $20 gift certificate. Just send us an email at and ask for the complimentary gift certificate. 

Thank you again for your ongoing support. We look forward to seeing each of you!

Keesha Hervey
Head Photographer
Real Moments Photography
P.S. Watch your email for information on our grand opening party this Halloween season!! We can’t wait to meet your ghouls and goblins, princesses and fairy queens! Expectant moms bring that belly in for a special Halloween image just for you!
*The certificates are valid just like cash on any studio purchase and new photography session. Sorry you can’t use them on any session or order already scheduled or completed. One certificate per family please. Copies of original certificates will not be honored.

Sep 12, 2009


Its official, we photographed our first baby in our brand new studio today!

I can not tell you how excited and truly happy I am with the studio. It's comfy and welcoming while being easy for our parents to find, and it's all thanks to our wonderful clients.

Stay tuned to our blog, as a thank you next week we will be announcing an amazing gift to all our clients!

Sep 8, 2009

Pretty Moms, Amazing Babies!

Last weekend we photographed many newborns and the week before even more beautiful moms with perfect baby bumps. These precious babies, many of which we photographed while their moms were expecting, are amazing. We can't wait to watch them grow. We will be posting many images of these families very soon.

The image you see is of Presley. Isn't she gorgeous? Her baby boy was born last month and was one of the little ones we got to photograph this weekend! Watch the blog for more!

Aug 31, 2009


Join us for a very special event & a great deal!

Due to the very high demand for appointments and the boom of newborn babies (Happy Birthday little ones!) this weekend we have arranged for a temporary studio location!

These appointments will be the exact same as when we visit your home without you worrying about picking up the kids toys! We will still be providing plenty of time for each family, budgeting up to four hours if necessary for newborns! All the props, backgrounds and the usual fun stuff are still included.

Bring this coupon with you and get a two free 5x7's. These appointments are VERY VERY limited. If you would like an appointment please contact us right away. Half of the appointments are already filled! You can reach us via email at or by phone at 580-583-2492.

Oh and be on the look out for a great deal as we open our very own studio location in Newport News!

Aug 10, 2009


Many of you know you can visit us at our website at and at myspace at but you can now visit us on facebook at

So come be our facebook friend!


Aug 5, 2009

Baby Grayson

Whew it has been a crazy few weeks here at Real Moments. Many of our mommys had their precious little bundles. You will slowly start to see them featured in our blog as I have time between photographing and editing them. One of our recent shoots was baby Grayson. He was soo adorable. Mommy had to have an emergency c-section so she and daddy were really tired, although as wonderful as ever.

Lucky for us Grandma, a RN came to rescue and was wonderful assistant. Grayson was a wonderful little model, even allowing us to adorn him in some pretty funny hats.
Grandma was even nice enough to snap a picture of me and the little guy. It was after the shoot so I might look a little frazzled. LOL Sometimes creativity does not always equal a perfect hairdo for the photographer!

Its a great shot though and I'm sure to treasure it. In fact it may just have to become a tradition so I can look back on all the sweet little ones I've had the honor of photographing!

So welcome to the world little Grayson and congrats to all our moms and dads! We adore you all.


Jul 28, 2009

Celebrate with us!

Becoming a member of your professions professional organizations are something that is very important. So it is our honor to announce that our head photographer has been accepted into Wedding & Portrait Photographers International. (WPPI) WPPI is a very prestigious organization that all of greatest photographers around the world are a part of, and we are deeply honored to be part of their family! Mention your celebrating with us when you book your next appointment for a free 5x7!

How do you know your images are loved?

Why when your client has them tattooed on them of course! Okay, so perhaps the inking had more to do with WHAT the picture was of. In this case little Kendall's hand, but still its an honor either way! The image attached is a snapshot my client Mike took of his new tattoo, an image of his little girls hand we shot when she was only a few weeks old. It's a great tat & a wonderful family!


Sarah Grace

Sometimes a baby is born that is just a bit more precious than the ever so precious ones that we get to photograph because we know the family on a personal level. Sarah Grace is one of those angels. Born to Donnie and Staci, Sarah Grace is the granddaughter to our dear friend Sandy, the owner of Fun Fetal Photos. It has been our honor to photograph Staci's maternity images and now Sarah Grace. She is a wonder & we are so very in love with her. Both mom and dad are wonderful examples of great parents, expectantly entranced with her, and grandma is of course hopelessly proud. Welcome to the world Sarah Grace, you are so loved.

Keesha Hervey


This post is a little late since the Beck's just welcomed their new son into the world this morning, but I still had to share. They are a wonderful family with an adorable daughter that got mom laughing in no time. I'm thinking of hiring the little princess! LOL Mom is one of the sweetest women I have ever met and well dad.. aside from being a great guy he is totally and utterly in love with the two ladies in life. I know that the images of this family with their new little guy will be just as precious!

Babies, Babies Everywhere!

Has it been a full moon!?!? We have babies coming into the world for so many of our clients! We can not express how happy we are for our families. Amber and Daniel delivered a 10 pound baby boy last week and our darling friends the Becks, Mike and Melanie had a precious little boy as well! Count on pictures of both little guys soon! Both these ladies had long labors.. I have just one thing to say to both wonderful daddys... jewelry.. lots of it. LOL CONGRATS!!!!!

New Website!

Our brand new flash website is finally up and running!! Please visit it and let us know what you think!

Best Wishes,

Jul 26, 2009

Web Home Headaches

Ahh technology. We love it, truly we do. However sometimes it makes us want to seriously bang our heads against the wall. We are launching our new website, complete with awesome flash slideshows. However we are having some issues. Please hang in there and contact us at 580-583-2492 with any questions during our site being temporarily off line. Thank you!

Jul 7, 2009

Laura & Ron

Laura & Ron are very dear clients to us. They are a fellow military family and we photographed their maternity images on the beach. Laura was one of those mommy's that those of us with buckets of stretch marks look at wistfully. She didn't have a mark on her, and only a week after her little guy was born she looked wonderful.

Unfortunately Ron had to join a training session in North Carolina the morning before our photography session and their little guy did not like daddy being gone at all. It would appear from the very start their son was going to be a daddy's boy. Despite every trick in the book that me, mom, and yes even grandma could come up with he wasn't very happy for very long. It's a good thing we know how to work fast & had a great helper in both mom and grandma.

The image you see above is Laura, helping us get that perfect shot. Which I should mention we did. You can see one of them above.

Although every shoot is different & every baby unique its wonderful to know that even with a little guy who is so adorable, but misses daddy so we can still get great images. Thanks so much Laura! I know you and Ron will treasure the images for years to come!


Summer is here!

Summer is here and we are very busy photographers! In the past few weeks we have gotten to meet so many new clients, photographing many expectant moms and had the very precious honor of taking the first pictures for many a little newborn! See more information on all of them very soon!

We have also had the great luck to have some very very helpful parents along with way. One of our mommy's Laura was down in the photographic trenches with us to capture that perfect picture of her baby, and I would have been lost without SSG Beck to help out at his families maternity shoot. He got mom laughing so much she totally forgot about the camera!

Every day I get to wake up and do the job I love the most with amazing clients! Thank you all, and expect more news soon!


Jun 9, 2009

To our clients and friends; many of you may have noticed that our normally very fast customer response time is a little slow right now. Our newborn baby Brennan is in the hospital which is slowing our editing time. We appericiate your patience greatly. Please feel free to contact us at any time with your questions or concerns.

May 28, 2009

Mr. & Mrs. Balajadia!

Every wedding is a new adventure for us as photographers and our newest wedding was no exception. Yesterday I was honored to be the photographer at a small sweet wedding in this historic area of Williamsburg for two very special clients Amber and Daniel.

They were the kind of couple photographers just love. Amber was easy going, relaxed, and really ready to go with the flow(not easy to do when your expecting a little one soon might I add) Daniel was a wonderful mix of the perfect gentleman and fun loving class clown.

Its always a blast to photograph two people who are not only so obviously in love but willing to have fun with their wedding pictures. The day was a hot one, but nothing was warmer than the kindness I received from these happy two.

Thank you both for inviting me to be part of your wedding. We look forward to seeing your family grow (by one more soon!) :) and being the honor of your family photographer for many years to come!


Keesha Hervey

May 25, 2009

The formal introduction of baby Brennan

A very warm thank you goes out to all of our clients for their warm wishes after the birth of our son Brennan. He was born on my birthday, April 16th at Portsmouth Naval Medical Center. Our doctor was awesome. If you ever get a chance to be seen by Erin Watson jump on it. She's great.

Brennan is very healthy with gorgeous eyes and just enough hair for a mommy to rub. He was born at just 5.2 pounds but has since jumped up to 8.1.

We look forward to sharing lots of pictures with you all, starting of course with one right now! He was just a few days old when we shot this. The hands are his daddys.

Best Wishes & Happy Memories!


Are you expecting? Want a picture of your baby now?

Not too long ago you had to wait a long 9 months before you got to see if your baby had your nose or your hubby's chin. No longer! Thanks to the wonder of 3&4D Ultrasounds we are able to see our babies much sooner.

Many of you know I recently gave birth to my third baby, a little boy named Brennan. While I was pregnant with him I did an extensive search to find a really good 3D Ultrasound place to have images taken of him. What I found at first frustrated me. Insanely high prices, cold staff, and long drives to even get to them. Then I found Fun Fetal Photos.

Ran by Sandra Gardner and her trusty assistant Erin Fun Fetal Photos is so affordable. $80 bucks gets you prints, a disk, and so much more. Not to mention there is a discount for your next scan.

I had my little guys picture taken 5 times over the pregnancy and it was so much fun to watch him grow and change. Honestly it wasn't just the enjoyable part that made me treasure each scan, it was seeing that he was okay. I could watch Brennan move and see pictures of his little feet. It also made the many months of waiting go by so much faster.

Sandy and her office manager Erin are such dolls too. The moment you walk into Fun Fetal Photos are you treated like an honored guest, not some number like many of the other places. Sandy has decades of experience and its always a treat to see the images she finds of each baby. I have seen so many of these scans from my clients and every baby is so special and unique.

So many people ask me, can you really see the baby's features? Yes. Seriously. I watched Brennan grow and through that process I saw how much he looked like my daughter Kate. When he was born that's one of the first things my husband and I noticed. How true to life the scans really are.

We are so impressed with Sandy and her team they are the only 3D business we recommend to our clients!

If you'd like more information just visit their website at

Happy Memories!


P.S. Tell Sandy hello for us at your scan and we'll give you a free 8x10!

The Sanderson Girls

I've photographed twins before, and they are always a joy. Our shoot yesterday with the Sanderson's new infant girls was no different. The two girls, Kyra and Shyla, only a handful of weeks old were precious little dolls.

Although I must admit they thought that lady with a camera was beyond crazy. Thus why they plotted to make sure that one of them was awake at all times to keep an eye on me. In the end they decided that crazy or not they were tired of that silly woman and finally fell asleep allowing us to get some precious images of them.

The girls have an adorable big sis Clarissa who is 5 months old. She was all about letting me take pictures of her in her new flower hat. She would get all excited and it would fall over her eyes where she would peek out at me like "Okay I've posed pretty. Now I must go play."

I was very lucky to have lots of extra hands to help out. Mom, Dad, and Grandma were all on hand to help and they were wonderful. These images would not have been possible without their patience and wisdom. Thank you all!


Love our tutus and custom bows?

They are precious aren't they? Many of you have noticed that recently the quality and the down right awesome colors of the tutus and bows we use have gone through the roof. You would be right!

We recently discovered an awesome brand new company, What a Cutie Patootie Boutique, that makes all these precious accessories at REALLY good prices. So we decided to try them out. All we can say is WOW. I can not tell you how great these products are, and the amount of love and detail go into each one.

You all know how protective we are of our clients, but I would happily recommend that you take a look at their products. Whether you have a two year old princess, or a 25 year old queen (yes they do custom sizes!) you'll love the quality and whimsy you find with What A Cutie Patootie. See even there name is adorable!

Check them out at the link below!


Our Shoot w/ Miss Kendall!

It's a dirty little secret in the photography world, yes we have our favorite clients. I know, I know, it's like having a favorite child, but it's true. And lucky for me I got the honor of photographing one of them last week!

Little Kendall is well known by our clients, even if you don't know her name. She's the little one hanging in the cloth, and whose daddy is the firefighter. Yup, you know those images don't you! They are some of our favorites too!

Kendall's family is one of our favorites to shoot, and have been so wonderful to us. We were honored to follow Kendall's mom Amber with her maternity images, we were at Kendall's birth, and we followed up with them shortly afterwards for a marathon family portrait session. Many of you have seen the album that we lovingly call The Story Of Kendall.

Last week we once again got to hang out with Kendall, this time at Newport News Park, for her 3 month pictures. As always it was wonderful to see Amber and her both her "babies" (big brother Dylan was on hand for a few shots and to help. He's great that way!). As always Kendall was a doll, and the images are adorable. Check back here soon to see some more finished proofs! It's off to the editing table for me!



Welcome to our new blog!

Real Moments Photography has a long history of building relationships with our clients, and we thought a blog would be a great way to continue that tradition!

Here you will find "ponderings" (I always liked that sounds like something Pooh Bear would say. :) ) about our sessions as well as some personal tid bits here and there. After all many of your families are very close to our photographers and like to keep in touch. Count on me sneaking in a few pictures of my little munchkins. After all I'm a proud mom too!

If you'd had a recent session with us check back here often. You will probably be the star of your very own "Precious Ponderings"!

Don't forget to visit our website at and our myspace at

We look forward to seeing you and yours very soon!

Happy Memories Always,

Keesha Hervey
Head Photographer
Real Moments Photography