Dec 23, 2009

Little Fingerprints..

In the very front of my studio are very large doors with floor to ceiling panes of thick glass. I love these doors as they make my studio feel airy and large. As a photographer of young children these doors are more often than not graced with little handprints, impressions of tiny noses, and once in a while a smudged drawing done using the end of a small finger.

These little bits of the children who visit me, often the leavings of my own little ones never bother me. Now again I get out the glass cleaner and wipe them away. If only so that the parents of the next children don’t think that we never clean, and to give those little ones a place to put their own masterpieces.

As an artist of sorts myself I can not help but enjoy this little gift the babies and toddlers that come through my studio leave me on the glass. And today as I sat here in the late afternoon watching the sun stream through those glass doors I realized that like those fingerprints left by the children I too get to leave my mark.

The families that walk through my door with round baby bellies and precious newborns are allowing me to ever so gently place a fingerprint on their lives. This is an unforgettable time for them, and I am allowed to capture it forever. The photographs I take, the emotion and the love that is seen in them will never be forgotten, never set aside. These images of newborns full of sweet innocence, wide eyed amazement, and sleepy peace, will be forever treasured by these families.

This is a great honor to me, and hugely humbling. So as we draw so near to the end of this year and take time to spend with those we love I wanted to take this moment to thank you all for including us in your lives. Each and everyone one you, and the babies you so gracefully trust me with, leave a tiny little fingerprint on my heart. Best Holiday Wishes.

Keesha Hervey
Head Photographer
Real Moments Photography

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