Aug 26, 2013


For those of you who haven’t been photographed by us, there is a real person behind the camera at Real Moments Photography. A living breathing artist and I’ve had the deep honor of using that camera with the amazing clients I have to create some really amazing images that I’m really proud of. Recently though I’ve felt a little lost, and it’s no surprise with how the photography industry is changing.

You see I’ve always been an artist. The idea was always to create something that people loved, were proud of, and treasured. Before I used a camera to create I was a write, and if you will excuse my arrogance a very good one. So I decided to take a little walk down this path of uncertainty and find out just why I was so stuck, and felt so frustrated with my work. I’ve come to realize that in the rush of people into the field I’ve felt swallowed up. Everyone was doing the same thing,

I’ve always marched to my own beat. I started doing maternity photography when people were shocked and some openly appalled. I loved and was deeply inspired by how gorgeous an expecting mother is. How strong she looks, and at the same time deeply vulnerable. Like a goddess of the earth, about to create a miracle. So when people complained I didn’t care, and shot it anyway. Now it’s all the rage.

It’s no secret that I adore babies and was lucky enough because of my maternity work to be at the crest of the wave of modern newborn photography, when Anne Geddes was the only model to strive towards. (If you don’t know who Anne Geddes is stop reading this, she’s more important than anything I can say, go straight to Google. You’ll change your view of how precious babies can be. She’s amazing.) I remember life before Etsy was popular and having to hire people to hand make me hats. Still to this day I hold those designers dear to me. They are amazing people and I can never thank them enough.

Photography is, no matter what anyone ever tells you, at its core, at ART. Some people who are in it are not artists. They are more like engineers. They know what settings, and light, and posing it takes to make a pleasing looking image. There is nothing wrong with that, but its more math than art. Sometimes I wish I had more of their math skills.

But I don’t. I’m the artist type. I’m the who cares if it’s perfect, I love it, look at those colors, oh my gosh I love her skin, did you see her skin its glowing, wow that’s perfect just perfect oh my gosh! (Seriously that goes on in my head all the time. I know I need medication or something.)
So I’ve noticed that everything looks the same. I’m tired of all the cute hats in the cute props on the cute back grounds. They are cute. Seriously. And I shot them for years, and loved it. The thing is… I don’t anymore.

I love the art images. The ones people know me for, usually in black and white. Almost always, with very few props, and always timeless. So I’m going to be doing more of that, because not only is that what I consider to be my best work, but that’s what makes me happy.

That’s not to say I won’t have adorable props. It’s just to say they won’t be sticking around for very long. If I see something I love I’ll purchase it and maybe use it for a shoot or two, but then its off to another photographer, and all the current stuff is out the door next month. Okay, maybe not all, I can’t part with the custom stuff, but the rest, bye bye. So please ask me if you’re hoping for a special prop.

We are evolving again to focus more on birth photography and much much less on other areas. Not only is this where my heart has ALWAYS been leading, and is my greatest love, it is also again the cutting edge of photography. Which it appears is where I like to be. I know people go “Why in the world?” I don’t care. I love it. Love that moment when a baby takes its first breath, the look on moms face, the joy and relief on dads. I love it, and I’m going to capture it for the parents who are awesome enough to see the world the way I do.

Why in the world am I telling you all this? Well because more than the props are changing....

We are closing down as a business. We are no longer a photography studio, I don’t need it to be, and running it like a business is sucking me creatively dry. Ever try to do something you love as a job and have people tell you how to do it? I’m becoming a little more honest with myself and what I want to do, and yes this sounds cheesy I know, but well I’m a photographic artist, not a photographer.

Difference? A photographer will give you whatever you want regardless of their style or preference. You commission an artist to create something special for your family. From now on I want to know the people I’m shooting, their personalities, what they love to do, and focus on six or seven amazing pieces of artwork that they want to display in their homes, not just on their Facebook walls. My prices won’t go up, but quality will, and quantity will go down. Or so I tell myself. You all know how I can never stop editing.

That also frees me a little bit. I’m no longer following business rules. Please read that. I am no longer following business rules. No I’m not tossing the good stuff, like treating people with respect, and fair practices. Those are things I was raised with and will NEVER change. But flatly if someone don’t like my work, and say something nasty I’m kicking that person to the curb, nicely of course. I’m not going to do just what is going to make me the most money, like business practices call for. I’m going to do what is going to make me the most happy and allow me to create the best art I can. I’m also going to post what I want to post, instead of worrying about if that will insult the masses. So be prepared my Facebook page is going to become a lot more relaxed and less stuffy. Hope you don’t mind, because I really want you all to stick around on this journey with me.

Lastly I’m going to be doing projects for myself. I’ve tried to do these before and always had lot of road blocks trying to run a “business”. Since I’m putting the art before the money now (with my families blessing, I know their crazy) now is the time to see them come true.

I hope you will all continue to follow me as we move from a caterpillar into a butterfly, from just another photography business to embracing this crazy dream of being true to myself as an artist. It is my greatest honor to continue to create with timeless images with you.

Please keep an eye out for more information on my current project “Birth, A Magic Moment.” I’m in love with this project and I know you all will be too!

Lots of love,