Dec 16, 2012

A growing belly, and a growing artist...

image copyright Real Moments PhotographyThere are some clients that are just so awesome they make the favorite client list pretty much right away. Adina and Josh are two such clients when I met them a few years ago when Adina was expecting their little girl. When you add in that they are both Nuclear Reactor Engineers (seriously they are that smart, I feel like Penny with a totally sweet Sheldon around. Big Bang Theory reference, if you haven’t seen this show you’re missing out btw.) And are still really nice to those of us less mortals aka me who might be super creative but passed math in school by a wing and a prayer. Not to mention they come with total faith and trust with a “go for it Keesh” attitude, they totally get a pass to the top of the favorite list.

copyright Real Moments Photography www.realmomentsphotography.comAdina is an amazingly talented at yoga, and with her daughter gave me some really awesome poses, this little boy due in January was no different. Even though we were crammed into a tiny hot hotel room for this shoot (sorry about that guys) even little Annalise was an angel, and we got some great artwork out of the shoot.

I also got a rare and special opportunity for a photographer. Adina wanted to copy a pose we had done a few years ago, one I was very proud of. Her legs straight up, the pose can be tough on a mom, but it’s beautiful. I copied it, swapping out a pink scarf for a blue one, or so I thought. This time the pose was better. I had grown as a photographer. My posing was better; the angle showing her face, the scarf no longer hid her hands. The editing was cleaner, deeper colors, better style. I even gave the old image a quick edit to bring it up to better standards. It’s nice to look back on your art from years ago and be proud of it, it’s even better still to see that you’re growing. That the hours and money you spend on training and better gear shows, and that every day your becoming more and more of an artist and less of someone that just takes a photograph. There are still many things I LOVE about that first image, don't get me wrong. Still seeing it new, with a new baby. I think I like the twist on it, especially seeing Adina's face.

Special thanks to Adina and Josh for not only the honor of photographing another precious baby belly for you, but also reminding me how much all that hard work pays off with time! And that’s a lesson even Sheldon would appreciate.