May 28, 2009

Mr. & Mrs. Balajadia!

Every wedding is a new adventure for us as photographers and our newest wedding was no exception. Yesterday I was honored to be the photographer at a small sweet wedding in this historic area of Williamsburg for two very special clients Amber and Daniel.

They were the kind of couple photographers just love. Amber was easy going, relaxed, and really ready to go with the flow(not easy to do when your expecting a little one soon might I add) Daniel was a wonderful mix of the perfect gentleman and fun loving class clown.

Its always a blast to photograph two people who are not only so obviously in love but willing to have fun with their wedding pictures. The day was a hot one, but nothing was warmer than the kindness I received from these happy two.

Thank you both for inviting me to be part of your wedding. We look forward to seeing your family grow (by one more soon!) :) and being the honor of your family photographer for many years to come!


Keesha Hervey

May 25, 2009

The formal introduction of baby Brennan

A very warm thank you goes out to all of our clients for their warm wishes after the birth of our son Brennan. He was born on my birthday, April 16th at Portsmouth Naval Medical Center. Our doctor was awesome. If you ever get a chance to be seen by Erin Watson jump on it. She's great.

Brennan is very healthy with gorgeous eyes and just enough hair for a mommy to rub. He was born at just 5.2 pounds but has since jumped up to 8.1.

We look forward to sharing lots of pictures with you all, starting of course with one right now! He was just a few days old when we shot this. The hands are his daddys.

Best Wishes & Happy Memories!


Are you expecting? Want a picture of your baby now?

Not too long ago you had to wait a long 9 months before you got to see if your baby had your nose or your hubby's chin. No longer! Thanks to the wonder of 3&4D Ultrasounds we are able to see our babies much sooner.

Many of you know I recently gave birth to my third baby, a little boy named Brennan. While I was pregnant with him I did an extensive search to find a really good 3D Ultrasound place to have images taken of him. What I found at first frustrated me. Insanely high prices, cold staff, and long drives to even get to them. Then I found Fun Fetal Photos.

Ran by Sandra Gardner and her trusty assistant Erin Fun Fetal Photos is so affordable. $80 bucks gets you prints, a disk, and so much more. Not to mention there is a discount for your next scan.

I had my little guys picture taken 5 times over the pregnancy and it was so much fun to watch him grow and change. Honestly it wasn't just the enjoyable part that made me treasure each scan, it was seeing that he was okay. I could watch Brennan move and see pictures of his little feet. It also made the many months of waiting go by so much faster.

Sandy and her office manager Erin are such dolls too. The moment you walk into Fun Fetal Photos are you treated like an honored guest, not some number like many of the other places. Sandy has decades of experience and its always a treat to see the images she finds of each baby. I have seen so many of these scans from my clients and every baby is so special and unique.

So many people ask me, can you really see the baby's features? Yes. Seriously. I watched Brennan grow and through that process I saw how much he looked like my daughter Kate. When he was born that's one of the first things my husband and I noticed. How true to life the scans really are.

We are so impressed with Sandy and her team they are the only 3D business we recommend to our clients!

If you'd like more information just visit their website at

Happy Memories!


P.S. Tell Sandy hello for us at your scan and we'll give you a free 8x10!

The Sanderson Girls

I've photographed twins before, and they are always a joy. Our shoot yesterday with the Sanderson's new infant girls was no different. The two girls, Kyra and Shyla, only a handful of weeks old were precious little dolls.

Although I must admit they thought that lady with a camera was beyond crazy. Thus why they plotted to make sure that one of them was awake at all times to keep an eye on me. In the end they decided that crazy or not they were tired of that silly woman and finally fell asleep allowing us to get some precious images of them.

The girls have an adorable big sis Clarissa who is 5 months old. She was all about letting me take pictures of her in her new flower hat. She would get all excited and it would fall over her eyes where she would peek out at me like "Okay I've posed pretty. Now I must go play."

I was very lucky to have lots of extra hands to help out. Mom, Dad, and Grandma were all on hand to help and they were wonderful. These images would not have been possible without their patience and wisdom. Thank you all!


Love our tutus and custom bows?

They are precious aren't they? Many of you have noticed that recently the quality and the down right awesome colors of the tutus and bows we use have gone through the roof. You would be right!

We recently discovered an awesome brand new company, What a Cutie Patootie Boutique, that makes all these precious accessories at REALLY good prices. So we decided to try them out. All we can say is WOW. I can not tell you how great these products are, and the amount of love and detail go into each one.

You all know how protective we are of our clients, but I would happily recommend that you take a look at their products. Whether you have a two year old princess, or a 25 year old queen (yes they do custom sizes!) you'll love the quality and whimsy you find with What A Cutie Patootie. See even there name is adorable!

Check them out at the link below!


Our Shoot w/ Miss Kendall!

It's a dirty little secret in the photography world, yes we have our favorite clients. I know, I know, it's like having a favorite child, but it's true. And lucky for me I got the honor of photographing one of them last week!

Little Kendall is well known by our clients, even if you don't know her name. She's the little one hanging in the cloth, and whose daddy is the firefighter. Yup, you know those images don't you! They are some of our favorites too!

Kendall's family is one of our favorites to shoot, and have been so wonderful to us. We were honored to follow Kendall's mom Amber with her maternity images, we were at Kendall's birth, and we followed up with them shortly afterwards for a marathon family portrait session. Many of you have seen the album that we lovingly call The Story Of Kendall.

Last week we once again got to hang out with Kendall, this time at Newport News Park, for her 3 month pictures. As always it was wonderful to see Amber and her both her "babies" (big brother Dylan was on hand for a few shots and to help. He's great that way!). As always Kendall was a doll, and the images are adorable. Check back here soon to see some more finished proofs! It's off to the editing table for me!



Welcome to our new blog!

Real Moments Photography has a long history of building relationships with our clients, and we thought a blog would be a great way to continue that tradition!

Here you will find "ponderings" (I always liked that sounds like something Pooh Bear would say. :) ) about our sessions as well as some personal tid bits here and there. After all many of your families are very close to our photographers and like to keep in touch. Count on me sneaking in a few pictures of my little munchkins. After all I'm a proud mom too!

If you'd had a recent session with us check back here often. You will probably be the star of your very own "Precious Ponderings"!

Don't forget to visit our website at and our myspace at

We look forward to seeing you and yours very soon!

Happy Memories Always,

Keesha Hervey
Head Photographer
Real Moments Photography