May 25, 2009

Our Shoot w/ Miss Kendall!

It's a dirty little secret in the photography world, yes we have our favorite clients. I know, I know, it's like having a favorite child, but it's true. And lucky for me I got the honor of photographing one of them last week!

Little Kendall is well known by our clients, even if you don't know her name. She's the little one hanging in the cloth, and whose daddy is the firefighter. Yup, you know those images don't you! They are some of our favorites too!

Kendall's family is one of our favorites to shoot, and have been so wonderful to us. We were honored to follow Kendall's mom Amber with her maternity images, we were at Kendall's birth, and we followed up with them shortly afterwards for a marathon family portrait session. Many of you have seen the album that we lovingly call The Story Of Kendall.

Last week we once again got to hang out with Kendall, this time at Newport News Park, for her 3 month pictures. As always it was wonderful to see Amber and her both her "babies" (big brother Dylan was on hand for a few shots and to help. He's great that way!). As always Kendall was a doll, and the images are adorable. Check back here soon to see some more finished proofs! It's off to the editing table for me!


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