May 25, 2009

Are you expecting? Want a picture of your baby now?

Not too long ago you had to wait a long 9 months before you got to see if your baby had your nose or your hubby's chin. No longer! Thanks to the wonder of 3&4D Ultrasounds we are able to see our babies much sooner.

Many of you know I recently gave birth to my third baby, a little boy named Brennan. While I was pregnant with him I did an extensive search to find a really good 3D Ultrasound place to have images taken of him. What I found at first frustrated me. Insanely high prices, cold staff, and long drives to even get to them. Then I found Fun Fetal Photos.

Ran by Sandra Gardner and her trusty assistant Erin Fun Fetal Photos is so affordable. $80 bucks gets you prints, a disk, and so much more. Not to mention there is a discount for your next scan.

I had my little guys picture taken 5 times over the pregnancy and it was so much fun to watch him grow and change. Honestly it wasn't just the enjoyable part that made me treasure each scan, it was seeing that he was okay. I could watch Brennan move and see pictures of his little feet. It also made the many months of waiting go by so much faster.

Sandy and her office manager Erin are such dolls too. The moment you walk into Fun Fetal Photos are you treated like an honored guest, not some number like many of the other places. Sandy has decades of experience and its always a treat to see the images she finds of each baby. I have seen so many of these scans from my clients and every baby is so special and unique.

So many people ask me, can you really see the baby's features? Yes. Seriously. I watched Brennan grow and through that process I saw how much he looked like my daughter Kate. When he was born that's one of the first things my husband and I noticed. How true to life the scans really are.

We are so impressed with Sandy and her team they are the only 3D business we recommend to our clients!

If you'd like more information just visit their website at

Happy Memories!


P.S. Tell Sandy hello for us at your scan and we'll give you a free 8x10!

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