May 25, 2009

The formal introduction of baby Brennan

A very warm thank you goes out to all of our clients for their warm wishes after the birth of our son Brennan. He was born on my birthday, April 16th at Portsmouth Naval Medical Center. Our doctor was awesome. If you ever get a chance to be seen by Erin Watson jump on it. She's great.

Brennan is very healthy with gorgeous eyes and just enough hair for a mommy to rub. He was born at just 5.2 pounds but has since jumped up to 8.1.

We look forward to sharing lots of pictures with you all, starting of course with one right now! He was just a few days old when we shot this. The hands are his daddys.

Best Wishes & Happy Memories!


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  1. This is just adorable! Congrats Keesha! he is darling!!! And its awesome yall will have the same bdays! :)