Aug 31, 2009


Join us for a very special event & a great deal!

Due to the very high demand for appointments and the boom of newborn babies (Happy Birthday little ones!) this weekend we have arranged for a temporary studio location!

These appointments will be the exact same as when we visit your home without you worrying about picking up the kids toys! We will still be providing plenty of time for each family, budgeting up to four hours if necessary for newborns! All the props, backgrounds and the usual fun stuff are still included.

Bring this coupon with you and get a two free 5x7's. These appointments are VERY VERY limited. If you would like an appointment please contact us right away. Half of the appointments are already filled! You can reach us via email at or by phone at 580-583-2492.

Oh and be on the look out for a great deal as we open our very own studio location in Newport News!

Aug 10, 2009


Many of you know you can visit us at our website at and at myspace at but you can now visit us on facebook at

So come be our facebook friend!


Aug 5, 2009

Baby Grayson

Whew it has been a crazy few weeks here at Real Moments. Many of our mommys had their precious little bundles. You will slowly start to see them featured in our blog as I have time between photographing and editing them. One of our recent shoots was baby Grayson. He was soo adorable. Mommy had to have an emergency c-section so she and daddy were really tired, although as wonderful as ever.

Lucky for us Grandma, a RN came to rescue and was wonderful assistant. Grayson was a wonderful little model, even allowing us to adorn him in some pretty funny hats.
Grandma was even nice enough to snap a picture of me and the little guy. It was after the shoot so I might look a little frazzled. LOL Sometimes creativity does not always equal a perfect hairdo for the photographer!

Its a great shot though and I'm sure to treasure it. In fact it may just have to become a tradition so I can look back on all the sweet little ones I've had the honor of photographing!

So welcome to the world little Grayson and congrats to all our moms and dads! We adore you all.