Sep 13, 2011


Hey everyone! Due to really bad service, where we're missing client phone calls, so we've changed our service provider and our number! The new number is 270-348-2813!

Jul 16, 2011

We're just a traveling!

Okay, there really is no bigger honor for a photographer than when a client arranges for their travel to photograph their family. Because, lets face it there are great photographers everywhere. So when a client says "No.. it really must be you." your heart just fills. In the past few months I've had one client drive from Ohio, and then this month one who arranged for me to be in Florida to meet their new baby daughter.

The Reeders moved to Florida last year, but prior to that I was blessed to photograph Kate during her pregnancy and then their precious twins. Now to get to meet their newest daughter Rachel in their new home, was a huge honor. She was a doll the whole time and it was so amazing to see the Reeder family again.

Shortly before I left for Florida a good friend of mine called me from Virginia. "You have to come back! I need senior pictures!" When later that week a good client called saying very much the same thing I knew I just had to come back. I miss everyone so much & I'm missing those ocean waves! When our old friends and landlords told us the studio was ours to use we couldn't help it! We knew it was time for a return visit! So we will be in Newport News from the 4th to the 13th booking full sessions, studio, beach, and outdoors!

We'll be breaking out the old appointment book and giving our clients a call but if you really want a session send us an email at We're going to be doing some very cool pricing options and I know you won't want to miss it! I can't wait to see you all!!


Jun 17, 2011

Moments from a maternity shoot..

Every expecting mother is different, and so it stands to reason that every maternity shoot has its own personality and pace. I've had moms of all shapes and sizes, colors and creeds. Each is unique and special. But... sometimes theres a shoot that sticks with you.. that you just can't help but feel a little closer to. Elida visted me to have maternity shots done with her 18 month old little boy. Daddy is deployed and she wanted something to show him how her belly was growing with his newest son.

I wish I could say the reason why this shoot was so special was straight forward but it wasn't, magic I suppose rarely is. Elida is quiet. Not shy but just quiet. More poised than anything. She had the usual concerns all moms do about touching up this or that, but for the most part she just gave me the wheel. Her son was by far the best behaved 18 month old I've ever seen bar none. He adored the camera, loved all over his mommy, and watched patiently, (with some assistance from cartoons on my ipad) during the entire shoot.

While I was shooting I knew I was getting solid shots. Mom was working with me, she was so pretty all belly, and warm latin skin. But it was later when I was editing that I found the magic. One shot was so perfect and I almost didn't press the shutter. I had her standing in my "wraps" and she was a little stiff so I told her to close her eyes and think of her boys. Usually I then tell my moms to open their eyes and look at the camera and I get this dreamly loving look. But this time Elida took a deep breath and got the sweetest smile, I snapped a quick shot.

The image turned out to be not only one of my favorites from the shoot but one of my personal favorite maternity images. The look of love and relaxation in her face just spills over and she totally glows. It was such an honor to capture that for this family.

Later on I got what every photographer deeply wants. A client who loves her images so much shes brought to tears. "I look so pretty." she whispered. And I'm so lucky to do what I do I thought.

Jun 13, 2011

A busy & emotional few weeks!

Sometimes in my line of work you really sit back and take stock of just how totally fully and completely lucky you really are. The last few very busy weeks have had me do just that.

One of my best friends Martha (finally, he was a week overdue) gave birth to her son, David. I was there not only as a photographer but also as "baby daddy", and her husband is deployed to Iraq. Jokingly the nurses told us they supported our "life choice", and as amazing as the staff at BACH is I think if it had been true they actually would have. Watching David be born, holding his moms hand and shooting like crazy was in a word hectic, but totally humbling. Watching Lee, David's dad meet him for the first time an hour after his birth via web cam drove me and the nurses to tears. Hearing Lee say to his son "I wish I could hold you buddy. I'll be home soon. I love you." Yeah that one gets you. Since his birth daddy did get to come home on R&R, and I'm pretty sure he only put little David down long enough to pick up his older sister, Madalyn.

Like his big sister, I of course HAD to do David's newborn pictures. The best part of the baby belonging to your best friend is that she pretty much hands him to you and says "whatever you think will be cute". YIPPEE. The shot I got of David is one I've tried to get for a long time. However, it takes perfect timing, and lots of tries. In a typical newborn shoot there are several shots you need to get before the baby has had enough. In this case I was able to focus on just one or two poses. In short, I got what I was looking for. :) I think you'll agree it's pretty darn cute.

Then a few weeks ago I got a phone call from a client from Virginia. They had relocated to Ohio and had just given birth to their second son and wanted me to take his newborn images. I was flattered but felt bad them driving all the way from Ohio. "There are great photographers there you know. I'll even help find you one if you want." I suggested "No" said mom Mary. "It has to be you Keesha." Can you say big honor? I was thrilled and totally flattered. Mary and Travis Burge are both insanely attractive people, and their first little boy was such a sweetie it was no shock baby brother, Noah was just as cute. The Burges are so much more than clients and we were honored that you were willing to drive to come see us.

Then there was little Miss Alexis. Alexis decided to arrive a month early, so when she visited by studio she hadn't even hit her due date yet! A precious little bundle with adoring parents Alexis reminded me of my youngest who was tiny as well. A head full of hair and a sweet temperament I fell head over heels in love with her. I could have photographed her all day she was so tiny. Mom and Dad were really great and Dad even got in on the fun towards in end sporting what I think he feels will be the newest fashion accessory this fall. LOL

Lastly I'd like to tell everyone that I won't be available for the second weekend in July. One of my all time favorite clients, The Reeders will be delivering their third little girl in Florida and I've been asked to fly out to shoot her newborn images. If you've ever been to our facebook or our website you would know this family. The image of the dad arms above his head with the twins snuggled in, yep that one. They are remarkable people who after the birth of their twin daughters just fell hopelessly in love with being their mom and dad. I can think of no more better parents than these two and its a honor to be asked to photograph this family as they bring one more precious one into their lives.

Thank you all for your love and for allowing us to part of your family, to capture these memories and this time in your lives forever. We have many more new babies due this month and in the future. We'll keep you updated!

K. Hervey
Head Photographer
Real Moments Photography

May 1, 2011

Did you know?

Did you know Real Moments Photography offers birth coverage for select clients? If your interested just give us a call or shoot us an email at Space is VERY limited each month!

Kinda cool.. kinda ewww...

Depending on where you fall on the "cool" scale this mini shoot I did today is either rockin or down right scary. Lucky for me I lean toward the cool side, but I will mention when little "Cola" wandered my direction I was happy my camera was well in front of me.

While I'm called on to photograph babies of all shapes and sizes my experience with today's baby was unique to say the least. So although this spider certainly is a little different than most of little ones I photograph she is no less the apple of her father's eye.

Undoubtedly after spending an afternoon with this little girl, I won't ever complain about a yippy Yorkie or a massive Great Dane again!

K. Hervey

Isn't she precious?

Its been a crazy few days! After several changes my husband finally found his way home from Afghanistan! We're so happy & it certainly makes shooting and editing easier!

In the mist of all this craziness we had the direct pleasure of meeting Miss Sophia. She is a sweet sweet little angel, and I adored playing with her, and her sweet big brother.

I look forward to photographing this family for many years to come!

K. Hervey
Head Photographer

Jan 8, 2011

Free Photography Canvas!


Photographers are very blessed with companies who often go above and beyond for our clients. One of those companies is the sister site of my professional canvas company. They offer very nice photographic canvas images for customers to purchase. Although not as perfect as a canvas purchased from your photographer, they are still WONDERFUL quality.

In a effort to support our men and woman overseas they developed a program called HI MOM, HI HONEY that offers FREE OF CHARGE large canvas prints for service members to send to their mother or wife on their birthday or anniversary.

Before I shared it with my clients I had my husband, who is deployed right now, register. A few days before our anniversary a massive canvas arrived at our door. Our wedding picture printed on it. It was amazing, and something that would easily cost you $300 in a studio. Fully impressed I decided to share this program with all you.

So if your spouse is deployed send them the link below. They can upload whatever image they want, and let these amazing artists do their magic. When you receive your canvas PLEASE take the time to shoot this great company an email thanking them. I’ve worked with the people who own both companies for a long time.

They are based in North Carolina, family owned and operated, and are just really really great people. Even in this time when the economy is not great, they are reaching deep and donating everything INCLUDING SHIPPING, for military families. So please take a moment to thank them!

If you are one of our clients and need a high res image emailed to your spouse just let me know. I’ll be happy to send it along.

Happy Memories!

Keesha Hervey

Head Photographer

Real Moments Photography


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