Jun 13, 2011

A busy & emotional few weeks!

Sometimes in my line of work you really sit back and take stock of just how totally fully and completely lucky you really are. The last few very busy weeks have had me do just that.

One of my best friends Martha (finally, he was a week overdue) gave birth to her son, David. I was there not only as a photographer but also as "baby daddy", and her husband is deployed to Iraq. Jokingly the nurses told us they supported our "life choice", and as amazing as the staff at BACH is I think if it had been true they actually would have. Watching David be born, holding his moms hand and shooting like crazy was in a word hectic, but totally humbling. Watching Lee, David's dad meet him for the first time an hour after his birth via web cam drove me and the nurses to tears. Hearing Lee say to his son "I wish I could hold you buddy. I'll be home soon. I love you." Yeah that one gets you. Since his birth daddy did get to come home on R&R, and I'm pretty sure he only put little David down long enough to pick up his older sister, Madalyn.

Like his big sister, I of course HAD to do David's newborn pictures. The best part of the baby belonging to your best friend is that she pretty much hands him to you and says "whatever you think will be cute". YIPPEE. The shot I got of David is one I've tried to get for a long time. However, it takes perfect timing, and lots of tries. In a typical newborn shoot there are several shots you need to get before the baby has had enough. In this case I was able to focus on just one or two poses. In short, I got what I was looking for. :) I think you'll agree it's pretty darn cute.

Then a few weeks ago I got a phone call from a client from Virginia. They had relocated to Ohio and had just given birth to their second son and wanted me to take his newborn images. I was flattered but felt bad them driving all the way from Ohio. "There are great photographers there you know. I'll even help find you one if you want." I suggested "No" said mom Mary. "It has to be you Keesha." Can you say big honor? I was thrilled and totally flattered. Mary and Travis Burge are both insanely attractive people, and their first little boy was such a sweetie it was no shock baby brother, Noah was just as cute. The Burges are so much more than clients and we were honored that you were willing to drive to come see us.

Then there was little Miss Alexis. Alexis decided to arrive a month early, so when she visited by studio she hadn't even hit her due date yet! A precious little bundle with adoring parents Alexis reminded me of my youngest who was tiny as well. A head full of hair and a sweet temperament I fell head over heels in love with her. I could have photographed her all day she was so tiny. Mom and Dad were really great and Dad even got in on the fun towards in end sporting what I think he feels will be the newest fashion accessory this fall. LOL

Lastly I'd like to tell everyone that I won't be available for the second weekend in July. One of my all time favorite clients, The Reeders will be delivering their third little girl in Florida and I've been asked to fly out to shoot her newborn images. If you've ever been to our facebook or our website you would know this family. The image of the dad arms above his head with the twins snuggled in, yep that one. They are remarkable people who after the birth of their twin daughters just fell hopelessly in love with being their mom and dad. I can think of no more better parents than these two and its a honor to be asked to photograph this family as they bring one more precious one into their lives.

Thank you all for your love and for allowing us to part of your family, to capture these memories and this time in your lives forever. We have many more new babies due this month and in the future. We'll keep you updated!

K. Hervey
Head Photographer
Real Moments Photography

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