Jun 17, 2011

Moments from a maternity shoot..

Every expecting mother is different, and so it stands to reason that every maternity shoot has its own personality and pace. I've had moms of all shapes and sizes, colors and creeds. Each is unique and special. But... sometimes theres a shoot that sticks with you.. that you just can't help but feel a little closer to. Elida visted me to have maternity shots done with her 18 month old little boy. Daddy is deployed and she wanted something to show him how her belly was growing with his newest son.

I wish I could say the reason why this shoot was so special was straight forward but it wasn't, magic I suppose rarely is. Elida is quiet. Not shy but just quiet. More poised than anything. She had the usual concerns all moms do about touching up this or that, but for the most part she just gave me the wheel. Her son was by far the best behaved 18 month old I've ever seen bar none. He adored the camera, loved all over his mommy, and watched patiently, (with some assistance from cartoons on my ipad) during the entire shoot.

While I was shooting I knew I was getting solid shots. Mom was working with me, she was so pretty all belly, and warm latin skin. But it was later when I was editing that I found the magic. One shot was so perfect and I almost didn't press the shutter. I had her standing in my "wraps" and she was a little stiff so I told her to close her eyes and think of her boys. Usually I then tell my moms to open their eyes and look at the camera and I get this dreamly loving look. But this time Elida took a deep breath and got the sweetest smile, I snapped a quick shot.

The image turned out to be not only one of my favorites from the shoot but one of my personal favorite maternity images. The look of love and relaxation in her face just spills over and she totally glows. It was such an honor to capture that for this family.

Later on I got what every photographer deeply wants. A client who loves her images so much shes brought to tears. "I look so pretty." she whispered. And I'm so lucky to do what I do I thought.

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