Nov 30, 2009

Where do you get these ideas?

I get this question a lot, and just like any artist the inspiration for my images come from several sources.

First is other photographers. If any photographer tells you they never look at other people's work and use that as inspiration they are probably telling you a little white one. Photographers love to admire other great shooters. Every single baby photographer in this country knows of Anne Geddes and well if they don't run, and I do mean run, out of their studio at full clip.

Anne taught us to look at children as more than just something to photograph but something to treasure, and she continues to do so. As the ranks of wonderful infant photographers continue to swell, there will be much comparing of artistic styles. I never mind to see my work repeated by another photographer, especially if they are just as talented or better than I am. What a huge compliment. Although I rarely directly copy another photographer, instead taking an idea and molding it to what best suites my client, I do find that even two photographers with the same idea, in the same room, heck with the same model wouldn't produce something that is exactly alike. Not if they are being true to themselves. Photography is just too much of an art for that.

Second has to be from my clients. I have the best clients any photographer could ask for. We tell everyone that walks through our door "These images are not for my portfolio, they are for your walls. Talk to us about whats important to you." I think the biggest mistake any photographer can make is under estimating their clients. Yes, some need more direction than others. After all they want the photographer to be the creative mind. Still many clients are greatly creative themselves and are just looking for me to find a way to bring their dreams to life. To create that perfect moment, that priceless image. In the end it's perhaps the greatest inspiration to take their idea and paint a masterpiece with it.

Third is just from daily life. As a mother of three little ones myself, and a wife to a military man I am surrounded by life in it's purest form. My kids are forever doing something new and different.. and often dangerous in the case of my oldest son.. (WHAT IS IT WITH BOYS AND NO FEAR ANYWAY? LOL)

Their wonderful spirits are forever giving me ideas. A chalk painting session out in the carport where they had splattered colorful feet inspired me to create "The Feet of Childhood." one of my most popular images. My son resting his hand on my belly to feel his baby sister kick was the inspiration behind the image of the hands on moms belly that sits in Fun Fetal Photos.

My husband gentle and loving is the inspiration behind the image that I do of many fathers, armed wrapped around moms belly in what we call the protection pose.

So you can see like all artists the photography at here at Real Moments Photography comes from many sources, but always with the heart and soul of our wonderful clients in mind.

Keesha Hervey

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