Feb 10, 2010

Can you say snow day???

Well its another blizzard here in Virginia, too nasty to be out and about. Certainly too nasty to have my expecting moms and new babies out. THUS if you were scheduled for a pick up today I'll be giving you a call to reschedule.

For those who are waiting on that call that your images are done don't worry boys and girls I have my laptop here at home and am still editing like crazy!

Oh and we should also mention that we are having issues with our voicemail. Again. Sigh... so if you call and leave us a message please please please follow up with a call if you don't hear from us within 48 hours. The voicemail grimlan likes to eat messages despite me calling and speaking it his cage keeper several times already. You can also always email us at information@realmomentsphotography.com That is checked several times a day and usually will get you the fastest response.

Thanks all!

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