Mar 15, 2010

Canvas Sale!


A framed print is wonderful but nothing says class like a custom canvas. People have been decorating their homes with these art pieces for decades. Image your home with your specially designed canvas print hanging on the wall. Can’t you just hear the compliments!

And now you can get them at an amazing price! Our canvas company is staffed by professionals in their craft and a few times a year they offer us amazing deals to boost our bottom line. Other studios might pocket these profits but not Real Moments Photography! We are passing these savings on to you!

Now through MARCH 18th (and not a minute past midnight) our amazing canvas’s are on sale, and we are sweetening the deal by further discounting our 8x10 canvas size. AS WELL as putting together a very special canvas bundle for you.

Canvas’s must be paid for at the time of ordering. As we have priority printing with our canvas artists we expect these canvas’s to be here the following week. In plenty of time for Easter gifts! In fact if you buy the same image, on the same size canvas you get an ADDITIONAL 20% off the sale price!!

Do NOT be fooled by Internet companies claiming to have professional canvases! Those are low quality and are often not UV coated. They do not stand the test of time. Investing in our canvas’s insure you beauty for many years to come!

We just delivered five of these amazing canvases in very large sizes to a client and they looked amazing in her home! Don’t miss out on this once a year sale!


1- 8x10 Canvas of your image choice

1- 8x10 Canvas of your image choice

1- 16x20 Canvas of your image choice

Regular Price - $460


Individual Canvases!

Size- 8x10 Regular Price $140 Sale Price $90

Size- 16x16 Regular Price $160 Sale Price $128

Size- 16x20 Regular Price $180 Sale Price $144

Size- 20x24 Regular Price $270 Sale Price $216

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