Mar 30, 2010

Studio Relocating..

The blessings in our life are not always a constant. They come sometimes gently into our lives, sometimes with a roar and they can leave in kind. It is our responsibility and greatest joy to welcome these wonderful things when they come and to realize and be grateful for the time we have had with them when they leave or change.

Opening my own photography studio was a huge fulfillment of many a dream and one of my greatest wishes. From the moment I saw the small building with huge glass doors I knew that I wanted to create memories there, and so I have.

I have shared the anticipation of many a mother during a maternity shoot, watched the little one inside them roll and kick, often times at the name blocks I was trying in vain to keep on moms tummy.

It has been my great honor to hold a precious newborn. Many just a few days old, full of sweet innocence and peaceful with the world around them. I am always humbled by the parents trust in me to capture those first portraits of the tiny thing that has forever changed their entire existence.

I have the joy of calling many of these clients my friends for I am very close with them.

I want to take a moment to thank all of you for your support and trust. I also want to thank Sandy and Erin at Fun Fetal Photos for being such wonderful friends and for being so dedicated and loyal to us. As well as my family for standing beside me as I work 15 hour days trying to get everything perfect.

Aside from being a photographer and a mother I am also married to a wonderful man. A man that many of you know happens to also be a member of the US Army.

So like many Army families recently we were recently told that due to many BRAC changes we would be receiving orders to Fort Campbell, Kentucky. We also last week were informed that instead of needing to be there in late summer we would instead need to leave our current home by the first part of May. Thus I will be closing the studio after the end of April.

Fort Campbell is a really nice base, but it deeply saddens me to have to leave my precious first studio and my devoted clients.

Thus it’s no surprise that one of my first worries was where my clients would turn to after we left. So we scoured the area for talented photographers to suggest our clients too.

Although we were unable to find someone in our low price bracket we were able to find a very talented husband and wife team, Grant & Deb Photographers who are just breaking into the maternity/newborn market.

Grant & Deb Photographers are already well known in the area for their amazing wedding photography. I chose them to suggest to clients not only for their talent but also their wonderful attitudes and dedication to each other. Married for 25 years this dynamic duo has three grown children and the kind of spark that makes people just want to be around them! Its no shock they are moving into the maternity/newborn market. If I had been a bride of theirs I couldn’t imagine anyone else photographing my pregnancy!

Photography of this caliber is an investment, and thus does cost a little bit more than you would expect to pay at studios of less quality, like Wal-mart or Sears,(can you really call those places photography studios??!) but Grant and Deb are right along with industry standards in regards to pricing. They offer a very competitive session fee of just $150 and digital packages starting at just $350. They also offer professional prints.

So while price is always an important factor, when you consider that this time of your life will only happen once and will forever change your life I think the investment is well worth it!

You can see examples of Grant and Deb’s work at When you contact them please tell them that we sent you their way. They will be excited to meet all of you and those precious little ones of yours!

I want to reassure ANYONE who has had a recent session with us ALL IMAGES WILL BE EDITED and presented to clients before we leave. No exceptions. I assure you no one will not get their images.

In that spirit we are no longer taking any additional sessions not already on our books so that we have plenty of time to take care of those clients waiting on their images. We will still be taking a very limited number of newborn sessions for maternity clients with babies born in the early part of the month of April.

If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact me at my email,

It has been my greatest honor to be your families photographer, and like anyone in the military will tell you I have no doubt we will all see each other again. We will be opening the studio again in Kentucky where we are being offered several years of stabilization. We already have several clients who have transferred there waiting anxiously. If you are ever in that neck of the woods please stop by and say hello.

Please watch your email at the end of April for a very special video including all of my clients with a special message from me and my family.

Best Wishes & Lots of Love,

Keesha Hervey

Head Photographer
Real Moments Photography


  1. You are just precious...and it's no wonder your clients and friends adore you!