Mar 23, 2010

What makes a photographer??

There are so many talented shooters in this area, and in my profession. There a great many that I look to for inspiration when I'm tired, or overworked. Many that produce the kind of images that just pull your heartstrings.

Many of these same photographers worry that digital cameras are going to make the art of photography obsolete. That our services won't be needed as 2million megapixil cameras with face finders, hit the market for four bucks each.

So this morning as I waited for a new lens to be delivered I wondered just what makes a photographer? Honestly if you learn the technical points of a camera you can take solid images. However, they lack that emotional pull, that thing that brings mommys to tears and dads to puff their chests out in pride.

While watching Anne Geddes work on YouTube,(No great shock she's one of my favorites) I saw her look from her camera and just stop for a moment. She was taken for just a second into a place of pure joy and wonder at that little one in front of her camera.

Thats when I realized that I to do that. There are moments when I look at the babies I'm photographing or the glowing mothers and just marvel at how precious, how deeply innocent those moments are.

So while many photographers can get the shot technically right and the camera companies are doing a great job providing the gear to make every family be able to capture moments at home, I don't think the need for a photographer will ever be gone.

As long as we as artists provide high quality moments captured forever for these families our jobs will always be secure, because we don't just take a picture we capture a feeling. Isn't that the best job ever?

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