Apr 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Blog..

Tomorrow, April 16th is my 26th birthday, and the first birthday for my youngest son.

Last year early in the morning before dawn broke through the clouds Brennan was born, a tiny 5pounds 2 ozs and wonderfully healthy. I knew from that moment on that a day that was once going to be celebrated only by me was now something that was going to be shared. Perhaps a few times this year a pang of that loss of specialness surfaced, but a quick glace at that little blue eyed baby quickly smothered it.

How many mothers get to share something that special with their child? Especially their youngest and last baby? A gift to me on my birthday. And as that date fast approaches I only feel blessed to have him, to know that he and I will always have that bond. I love each of my children. My Kate is my only daughter, my Triston my oldest, and my Brennan my baby. Each of my little ones is so special.

So while I now share this very special day and he with me I will never be ungrateful for that moment and day he came into my life. While most mothers get their birthday gifts delivered via UPS mine came courtesy of a big white stork.

Happy birthday my Brennan. I love you so.


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