Jul 13, 2010

Forgive our construction please..

If you ever talk to someone who says their home improvement or construction project went exactly as planned they are either lying or very very lucky. If they are not one of those two bow at their feet and find out just how they did and publish a book. You'll be millionaire in under a week.

As for our little renovation project on our website its going well, with the exception of a few bumps. The biggest being slow at the open and the music sounding like a toddler trying to sing with the hiccups. In other words its a bit annoying. We are working to fix this problem.

The easiest fix so far is to please simply click on the website, enter, then go grab a cup of coffee, or tea.. I'm big on a some chocolate as well and when you get back it will be all uploaded and buffered nicely.

Sorry for the delay. I hope to have it all worked out soon.. in the mean time I'm going to remind myself that while we photographers may be amazing behind the camera we can't be wonderful at everything.

Hope you enjoy all the new images on the site!

Best Wishes!


P.S. If you go to our facebook site you'll see the AMAZING images that Grant & Deb of grantdebphotographers took for us so new clients can see just who these crazy people with the cameras really are. I'm really pleased with them!

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