Jun 28, 2010

Angels of the Absent

Many of you know that I was planning on taking some time off while my husband is deployed to do some projects near and dear to my heart. This is one of them. Thanks in advance for your love and support.


Angels Of The Absent

When professional maternity/newborn photographer Keesha Hervey left her busy studio in Virginia to PCS with her husband to Fort Campbell, KY she planned on waiting a few months before starting to reopen her company Real Moments Photography, to get the family settled. Upon their arrival at Fort Campbell they discovered her husband would immediately be deploying to Afghanistan, and that many thousands of troops had already left.

During a trip to the PX they saw many fellow military wives, husbands deployed, and expecting little ones any day. This caused Keesha be very grateful that they had been together for the birth of each of their three children.

The desire to help these families, show her support, and tell their story motivated her to create the Angels Of The Absent program.

This program provides no cost newborn photography to babies with a parent deployed away for their family. Babies with parents deployed to war zones receive priority as do parents of multiples. (Twins, Triplets ect…) Keesha believes handling one baby is hard enough, handling multiples by oneself should get you a medal, or at least a complimentary photograph!

There is no creative fee, and the mother will receive a disk with full size, fully edited images and a copyright release. Approx. a $390 value. The number of poses will vary based on the shoot. The purpose of this program is to provide deployed family members with a priceless image of their new baby.

All ranks and branches are encouraged to apply. Mothers are encouraged to apply in their 8th or 9th month, or directly after their babies are born. If selected the mothers will be notified while they are still pregnant and should simply contact our photographer after their baby arrives to set up the shoot. The ideal time to photograph a newborn is when they are under two weeks old. Keesha will photograph as many Angels of the Absent applicants per month as she can.

There is a small application to fill out which you can receive by sending us an email at information@realmomentsphotography.com Simply request the Angels Of the Absent application. It’s very important to fill the application out honestly as families are chosen based on the information provided NOT on a first come basis.

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