Jun 11, 2013

Art For Arts Sake

When I first started this journey I wanted to use my art to make money. Now I have moved to the point in my life where I just want to create the art, the money is, when it comes simply a positive side benefit.
I have realized in both being deprived through circumstance of photographing as much as I used to, and the amazing stories I have received about how my work has touched people, that the need to make gobs of money isn't why I do it.
The utter love I have for seeing something be captured forever for these people, for the work, is sometimes overwhelming. Perhaps it is egotistical or just a natural human desire to be appreciated, but it is often payment enough to have clients adore my work. To have them cry, or share it proudly in their homes, or email me that they witnessed someone profoundly moved by its creation has led to some of the moments in my life when I was most proud of myself.
While it is my name on the photograph it is also the client. Certainly she didn't paint it, but would the Mona Lisa be as special with a different woman's smile? It takes both photographer and client, art and knowledge of the process, perfect moment and good planning to create something special.
I have been blessed with many of those moments, and I can no more find an adequate way of thanking these clients for allowing them to be part of them than I can thank my children for loving me so unconditionally. There simply are no words and gestures good enough.
I have celebrated weddings, watched families grow through the years, taken many a precious newborns first photographs, many of which I saw take their first breath, and sadly been with families taking some last images. All through a lens, and all have touched me in some way.
So while this industry is forever changed those of us who love it, who see the magic in creating these very personal pieces of art, will always be here. Its not just an affection for a camera, its a desire to give to create for the people we meet through our art, and that is an amazing way to live.

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